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Title: Resolution of 1‚1´-binaphthyl-2‚2´-dicarboxylic acid with quinine: Structure of the intermediate (S)-1,1´-binaphthyl-2,2´-dicarboxylate dihydrate
Authors: Jacobs, A
Nassimbeni, LR
Sayed, S
Weber, E
Keywords: Optical resolution;Quinine;Racemic mixture;1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dicarboxylic acid
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer
Source: Jacobs, A., Nassimbeni, L.R., Sayed, A. et al. J Chem Crystallogr (2011) 41: 854. doi:10.1007/s10870-011-0012-z
Abstract: Racemic 1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dicarboxylic acid (BNDA) was resolved using quinine as the resolving agent. The structure of the resultant quininium (S)-1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dicarboxylate dihydrate salt (1) was elucidated. The asymmetric unit contained one 1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dicarboxylate anion, two quininium cations and two water molecules. The structure was solved successfully in the orthorhombic space group P212121 with unit cell dimensions: a = 11.100(2) Å, b = 16.572(3) Å, c = 28.726(6) Å.
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