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Title: Inclusion compounds of xanthenol hosts with morpholine: structure and grinding experiments
Authors: Sayed, Amina 
Jacobs, Ayesha 
Taljaard, Jana H. 
Keywords: Xanthenol hosts;Inclusion compounds;Morpholine;Grinding
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Springer
Source: Sayed, A., Jacobs, A. & Taljaard, J.H. 2013. Inclusion compounds of xanthenol hosts with morpholine: structure and grinding experiments. Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 43(6):325–330. []
Abstract: The host compounds 9-(4-methoxyphenyl)-9H-xanthen-9-ol (H1) and 9-(3-methoxyphenyl)-9H-xanthen-9-ol (H2) form inclusion compounds with morpholine (MORPH). The H1·½MORPH structure crystallised in the monoclinic space group P21/c with Z = 4. The unit cell dimensions were determined as: a = 8.9358(6) Å, b = 15.0970(10) Å, c = 13.1591(9) Å, β = 101.253(2)° and V = 1741.1(2) Å3. The final R indices obtained for this structure was [I > 2σ (I)] R1 = 0.0389 (wR2 = 0.1040). 2H2·2MORPH was solved successfully in P-1 with Z = 2, unit cell dimensions: a = 8.9784(18) Å, b = 12.595(3) Å, c = 18.932(4) Å, α = 77.78(3)º, β = 88.78(3)°, γ = 72.22(3)° and V = 1990.3(9) Å3. For this structure R1 = 0.0438, wR2 = 0.1072 for [I > 2σ (I)]. The compounds obtained from grinding experiments were analysed using powder X-ray diffraction.
ISSN: 1074-1542
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