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12018An assessment of youth's perception of the service quality of large food retailers in South AfricaAdam, Shaheen ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Cupido, Chris 
22015Determinants of small enterprise failure in Angola: a managerial and financial perspectiveJustino, Mateus Vicente ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
32020Disruption at its peak: pockmark of COVID-19 on immigrant retail business in South AfricaOgunlela, Gabriel O. ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
42015The embeddedness of entrepreneurship education in the curricula of non-business university programmes: preliminary evidence from South African Universities of TechnologyTengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Nchu, Rylyne Mande 
52019The factors contributing to the low numbers of women entrepreneurs in KigaliNsengimana,Simon ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
62012Financing the start-up and operation of immigrantowned businesses: the path taken by African immigrants in the Cape Town metropolitan area of South AfricaTengeh, Robertson K. ; Ballard, Harry Herbert ; Slabbert, Andre 
72015A fraud prevention policy: Its relevance and implication at a University of Technology in South AfricaRorwana, Amelia ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Musikavanhu, Tichaona Buzy 
82020A holistic assessment of the risks encountered by fast moving consumer goods SMEs in South AfricaChakabva, Oscar ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Dubihlela, Job 
92018Integration of information and communication technology into women entrepreneurship in Uyo, NigeriaEtim, Ernest S. ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
102015The practice of strategic planning: managers perception of its usage by non-profit organisation in the Western CapeTengeh, Robertson K. 
112015The role of academic entrepreneurs in the process of technology transfer and commercialization: the case of a University of Technology in South AfricaRorwana, Amelia ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
122019Sustainability issues of health tourism Non-Profit OrganisationsIwu, Chux Gervase ; Choto, Prominent ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 

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Tengeh, Robertson K.
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