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Basitere, Dr Moses
Moses Basitere was born at Lufule Village in the former homeland of Venda, Limpopo province. He matriculated at Mbilwi secondary school in Sibasa and started his first year in year 2003 at the University of Cape Town (UCT), and he drop-out in year 2014 due to academic exclusion. He then move to Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2005 and he obtained National Diploma in Chemical Engineering in year 2007, Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering in year 2008. After receiving merit bursaries and scholarship, he was awarded Magister in Technologiae in Chemical Engineering in 2011, under the supervision of Prof Seteno Ntwampe and Prof Marshal Sheldon. In 2004, Moses enrolled for Doctoral in Chemical Engineering study, which was based on the evaluation of the perfomance of the up-and down rector configuration of the anaerobic digester in treating Poultry Slaughterhouse wastewater in the Western Cape Province. The study highlighted reactor configuration deficiencies including advantages when anaerobic digester treatment method is used to treat Fats oil and grease (FOG)-laden Poultry slaughterhouse wastewater, using either up-flow or down-flow configured system, with ultimate aim of achieving high reactor perfomance. Moses Basitere’s Output from his Doctoral degree study include several international conference Proceedings, Oral and poster presentation on international platform and 4 Peer review articles and 1 book chapter published in international water Journals, with 2 articles currently under review. Along his doctoral studies, Moses had an interest in engineering education research and he has also published 4 Journal Articles and presented 4 Oral presentation in an international platform. He is currently a Mathematics and Physics lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering Extended Curriculum program (ECP) at the Cape peninsula University Of Technology and he has recently been seconded as the Coordinator for Chemical Engineering ECP. His passion is in bridging the knowledge gap between high school and University through provision of both academic and psychosocial support to learners at the ECP. In year 2014, he was awarded Faculty of Engineering Distinguished Teaching Excellence Award for his contribution in of teaching and learning at the ECP chemical Engineering.
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