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12015Consumer protection in South Africa: Challenges and opportunities for furniture retailers in Cape Town, South AfricaMugobo, Virimai Victor ; Malunga, Portia 
22015Development of the shadow banking system in Zimbabwe: A blessing from the Shadows?Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Mutize, Misheck 
32017Does brand orientation contribute to retailers’ success? An empirical study in the South African marketSchmidt, Holger J ; Mason, Roger ; Steenkamp, Pieter ; Mugobo, Virimai Victor 
42015The effects of shadow banking on the traditional banking system in ZimbabweMugobo, Virimai Victor ; Mutize, Misheck 
52015The impact of personalized engagement with customers and efficient stock management software systems on customer service at a clothing retailer in Cape Town, South Africa.Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Baschiera, Marina Giacoma 
62016The impact of sovereign credit rating downgrade on foreign direct investment in South Africa.Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Mutize, Misheck 
72011Is country branding a panacea or poison?Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Ukpere, Wilfred I 
82016The ownership structure effect on firm performance in South AfricaMutize, Misheck ; Aspeling, Jonathan ; Mugobo, Virimai Victor 
92014Public diplomacy in the global age: Lessons from literature and practiceMugobo, Virimai Victor 
102012Rural entrepreneurship in the Western Cape: challenges and opportunitiesMugobo, Virimai Victor ; Ukpere, Wilfred I 
112016Size of retail businesses and their level of adoption of global sourcingMugobo, Virimai Victor ; Paradza, Dignity 
122015Special economic zones (SEZs) in Southern African Development Community (SADC)Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Mutize, Misheck 
132018Working the conundrum in public-private partnerships (ppps) for community benefit In South AfricaMutize, Misheck ; Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 

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Mugobo, Virimai Victor
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