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12008Are South African trade unions functioning effectively under the onslaught of globalisation? An empirical and exploratory studyRust, AA 
22010The constraints SMMES experience whilst attempting to recover skills levies from the W&RSETA in South AfricaHess, A. Allison ; Rust, A.A. Braam 
32014The Importance of a University Identity for Students and Alumni: The Case of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South AfricaRust, AA Braam ; Uys, Cornelia Susanna 
42009Internal marketing in selected South African public hospitals: a staff satisfaction surveyRust, AA ; de Jager, Johan W 
52010Leadership in public health care: staff satisfaction in selected South African hospitalsRust, A A Braam ; De Jager, JW Johan 
6Jun-2009Leadership in public health care: the effect of a poorly designed authority systemRust, AA ; de Jager, Johan W 
72012Multi-skilling at a training institute (Western Cape Provincial Training Institute) of the Provincial Government of Western Cape, South Africa: Post training evaluationFlorence, T. M. Taryn ; Rust, A. A. Braam 
82012Multi-skilling at a training institute (Western Cape Provincial Training Institute) of the provincial government of Western Cape, South Africa: Post training evaluationFlorence TM ; Rust, AA 
92012The performance of employed and unemployed learners on learnership programmesGrewe, Martha.H ; Ukpere, Wilfred.I ; Rust, Abraham.A 
102017The preparation of the labor relations landscape of South Africa (1994-2008): an environmental perspective for sustainable developmentRust, AA 
112011Spirituality in the workplace: Awareness of the human resources functionRust, AA ; Gabriels, CEC 

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