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12007The correlation between current globalisation and human resourcesUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 
22009Demise of a single orthodoxy and renaissance of positive socialist variantsUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
32010Demise of a single orthodoxy and the possibility of a cooperative economyUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
42009The distinctive logic of globalisation: implications for global marketsUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
52009The effectiveness of an HR code: staff development and training at the Polytechnic of NamibiaNaris, N Sylvia ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
62010Labour exploitation and division of labour: a metaanalysis of divergent ideological perspectivesUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
72009Mechanisms to ameliorate negative impacts of globalisation on human resources, industrial democracy and humanityUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
82010Oil politics and the Niger Delta developmental conundrumUgoh, Samuel C. ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
92010Partnership and the e-commerce initiative of small businessesOnojaefe, Darlington P. ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
102010Rationalism, technological innovations and the supreme mandate in the process of globalisationUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
112009A relationship between current globalisation, unemployment, inequality and povertyUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, Andre D. 
122009A relationship between HIV/AIDS and the productivity of hardest hit regionsOkoroji, Lazarus ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
132008Triumphant capitalism and the future of human, social and economic progress in the postā€Cold War eraUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 

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Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma
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