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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013An analysis of perceptions of academics regarding the reward for excellence in teaching versus the reward for excellence in research approached through the lens of critical theoryHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
22013Applying research-based learning in medical education through the route of special study modules: Notes from the UKHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
32013Conceptualizing Programme EvaluationHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
42010Developing staff for the implementation of problem-based learning: Experiences from BotswanaHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
52013Evaluation of a tutor training programme through the frame of activity theoryHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
62017High school learner’s interest and readiness to start a business: evidence from South African schoolsNchu, Rylyne Mande ; Tengeh, Robertson ; Hassan, Salochana Lorraine ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
72015High school learner’s perceptions of the efficacy of entrepreneurship education: The case of selected high schools in the Western cape, South Africa.Nchu, Rylyne Mande ; Tengeh, Robertson ; Hassan, Salochana Lorraine 
82013Knowledge acquisition in Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy within the context of problem-based learningHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
92014Lecturers’ role in tutor development from an activity theory perspectiveHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
102011The needs and perceptions of academics regarding their professional development in an era of educational transformationHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
112014The problem-based learning gaze: A foucaultian perspectiveHassan, Salochana Lorraine 
122015Rationalising the introduction of entrepreneurship education in GabonEnombo, Jenny Pambault ; Hassan, Salochana Lorraine ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
132017Tutors role in tutorials unpacking and repacking during the semantic journeyHassan, Salochana Lorraine