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11973The adsorption of gold from cyanide solutions onto constituents of the reef, and its role in reducing the efficiency of the gold-recovery processUrban, MR ; Urban, Jill ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
22011Air pollution perceptions and their impacts on the coal industryLloyd, Philip JD 
3Oct-1983The balancing of a centrifugal millBradley, Alan A ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Stanton, K.H 
42005A business model to overcome barriers to entry in the South African downstream petroleum industryMokoena, JKJ ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
52010Calabashes for kilowatt-hours: rural energy and market failureHowells, Mark I. ; Jonssonb, Sandra ; K├Ąck, Emilia ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Bennett, Kevin ; Leiman, Tony ; Conradie, Beatrice 
62010Calabashes forkilowatt-hours: ruralenergyandmarketfailureHowells, Mark I. ; Jonsson, Sandra ; Kack, Emilia ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Bennett, Kevin ; Leiman, Tony ; Conradie, Beatrice 
72014Challenges in household energisation and the poorLloyd, Philip JD 
82010Changes in the wet precipitation of sodium and chloride over the continental United States, 1984-2006Lloyd, Philip JD 
92002Coal mining and the environmentLloyd, Philip JD 
101974The control of milling circuitsAtkins, AR ; Hinde, AL ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Mackay, JG 
111984The design and scale-up of a new flotation cellLloyd, Philip JD ; Hinde, AL ; Hebden, D 
121968Determination of Gold(l) in Cyanide Solutions by Solvent Extraction and Atomic Absorption SpectrometryGroenewald, T ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
131972The determination of the efficiency of the milling processBradley, AA ; Hinde, AL ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
141974Developments in centrifugal millingBradley, AA ; Freemantle, AJ ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
151994Environmental protection in South AfricaLloyd, Philip JD 
162012The estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from South African surface and abandoned coal minCook, AP ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
171964Extraction of Hexavalent Uranium by Trilaurylamine NitrateLloyd, Philip JD ; Mason, EA 
181981The flotation of gold, uranium, and pyrite from Witwatersrand oresLloyd, Philip JD 
192011Geological storage of carbon dioxide and disposal of nuclear waste in South AfricaSurridge, Anthony D ; Cloete, Marthinus ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
202010Historical trends in the flows of the Breede RiverLloyd, Philip JD 

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Lloyd, Philip JD
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