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11973The adsorption of gold from cyanide solutions onto constituents of the reef, and its role in reducing the efficiency of the gold-recovery processUrban, MR ; Urban, Jill ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
22011Air pollution perceptions and their impacts on the coal industryLloyd, Philip JD 
3Oct-1983The balancing of a centrifugal millBradley, Alan A ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Stanton, K.H 
42005A business model to overcome barriers to entry in the South African downstream petroleum industryMokoena, JKJ ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
52010Calabashes forkilowatt-hours: ruralenergyandmarketfailureHowells, Mark I. ; Jonsson, Sandra ; Kack, Emilia ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Bennett, Kevin ; Leiman, Tony ; Conradie, Beatrice 
62014Challenges in household energisation and the poorLloyd, Philip JD 
72010Changes in the wet precipitation of sodium and chloride over the continental United States, 1984-2006Lloyd, Philip JD 
82002Coal mining and the environmentLloyd, Philip JD 
91974The control of milling circuitsAtkins, AR ; Hinde, AL ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Mackay, JG 
101984The design and scale-up of a new flotation cellLloyd, Philip JD ; Hinde, AL ; Hebden, D 
111968Determination of Gold(l) in Cyanide Solutions by Solvent Extraction and Atomic Absorption SpectrometryGroenewald, T ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
121994Environmental protection in South AfricaLloyd, Philip JD 
132012The estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from South African surface and abandoned coal minCook, AP ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
141964Extraction of Hexavalent Uranium by Trilaurylamine NitrateLloyd, Philip JD ; Mason, EA 
151981The flotation of gold, uranium, and pyrite from Witwatersrand oresLloyd, Philip JD 
162011Geological storage of carbon dioxide and disposal of nuclear waste in South AfricaSurridge, Anthony D ; Cloete, Marthinus ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
172010Historical trends in the flows of the Breede RiverLloyd, Philip JD 
181979An integrated mining and extraction system for use on Witwatersrand minesLloyd, Philip JD 
192005Methane release from South African coal minesLloyd, Philip JD ; Cook, Alan 
202016The possible rate of transition to lower-carbon housingLloyd, Philip JD 

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Lloyd, Philip JD
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