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12007Conjugated linoleic acid versus high-oleic acid sunflower oil: effects on energy metabolism, glucose tolerance, blood lipids, appetite and body composition in regularly exercising individualsLambert, Estelle V ; Goedecke, Julia H ; Bluett, Kerry ; Heggie, Kerry ; Claassen, Amanda ; Rae, Dale E ; West, Sacha Jane ; Dugas, Jonathan P ; Dugas, Lara R ; Meltzer, Shelly ; Charlton, Karen E ; Mohede, Inge C M 
22009Differential effects of abdominal adipose tissue distribution on insulin sensitivity in black and white South African womenGoedecke, Julia H ; Levitt, Naomi Sharlene ; Lambert, Estelle V ; Utzschneider, Kristina Marie ; Faulenbach, Mirjam V ; Dave, Joel Alex Lex ; West, Sacha Jane ; Victor, Hendriena ; Evans, Juliet ; Olsson, Tommy ; Walker, Brian R ; Seckl, Jonathan R ; Kahn, Steven E 
32011Effect of nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy on dysglycemia and insulin sensitivity in South African HIV-Infected PatientsDave, Joel Alex Lex ; Lambert, Estelle V ; Badri, Motasim A. ; Maartens, Gary ; Levitt, Naomi Sharlene ; West, Sacha Jane 
42006Effects of elevated plasma adrenaline levels on substrate metabolism, effort perception and muscle activation during low-to-moderate intensity exerciseWest, Sacha Jane ; Goedecke, Julia H ; Van Niekerk, Lizl ; Collins, Malcolm R ; St. Clair Gibson, Alan St Clair ; Macdonald, Ian A ; Noakes, Timothy David Avid ; Lambert, Estelle V 
52006Fat adaptation followed by carbohydrate loading compromises high-intensity sprint performance.Havemann, Lize ; West, Sacha Jane ; Goedecke, Julia H ; Macdonald, Ian A ; St. Clair Gibson, Alan St Clair ; Noakes, Timothy David Avid ; Lambert, Estelle V 
62009Insulin response in relation to insulin sensitivity: An appropriate β-cell response in black South African womenGoedecke, Julia H ; Dave, Joel Alex Lex ; Faulenbach, Mirjam V ; Utzschneider, Kristina Marie ; Lambert, Estelle V ; West, Sacha Jane 
72014Quality of life in individuals living with HIV/AIDS attending a public sector antiretroviral service in Cape Town, South AfricaNglazi, MD ; Wes, SJ ; Dave, Joel Alex Lex ; Levitt, NS ; Lambert, Estelle V 
82005Submaximal force production during perceptually guided isometric exerciseWest, Sacha Jane ; Smith, Lynne ; Lambert, Estelle V ; Gibson, Alan St Clair ; Noakes, Timothy David 

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Lambert, Estelle V
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