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12013Validation of an externally oil-cooled 1 kWel HT-PEMFC stack operating at various experimental conditionsBujlo, P ; Pasupathi, S ; Ulleberg, O ; Scholta, J ; Nomnqa, MV ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Pollet, BG 
22013Technical analysis study of municipal solid wastes gasification for rich hydrogen production for high temperature PEM fuel cell systemAdefeso, IB ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
32013Sustainable co-generation plant: refuse-derived fuel gasification integrated with high temperature PEM fuel cell systemAdefeso, IB ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
42013Retrofit of the heat recovery system of a petroleum refinery using pinch analysisJoe, John M ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
52017Refuse Derived Fuel Pellets as a Renewable Energy SourceHlaba, Aviwe ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Osibote, Otolorin Adelaja 
62012The potential for climate change mitigation in solid waste disposal: A case study of lagos landfillsAboyade, Akinwale ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Amigun, B 
72016Parametric analysis of a high temperature pem fuel cell based microcogeneration systemNomnqa, Myalelo ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
82011Municipal solid waste gasification/polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell integrated CHP systemRabiu, Ademola M ; Ismail, Adefeso ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO 
92017Landfill Operations Effects on Natural Radionuclide ActivitiesHlaba, Aviwe ; Maleka, Peane ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Osibote, Otolorin Adelaja 
102013Industrial feasibility of direct methane conversion to hydrocarbons over Fe-based Fischer Tropsch catalystRabiu, Ademola M ; Yusuf, Isa M. 
112013Industrial feasibility of direct conversion of natural gas to fuels and chemicalsRabiu, Ademola M ; Van Steen, Eric ; Claeys, Michael 
122013Further investigation into the formation of alcohol during Fischer Tropsch synthesis on Fe-based catalystsRabiu, Ademola M ; Van Steen, Eric ; Claeys, Michael 
132016Evaluation of surfactant synthesized from waste vegetable oil to enhance oil recovery from retroleum reservoirsRabiu, Ademola M ; Elias, M ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun 
142013Environmental impact of portable power generator on indoor air qualityAdefeso, IB ; Sonibare, J ; Akeredolu, F ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
152013Environment aspects of municipal solid wastes to energy projectOsibote, Otolorin Adelaja ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
162013Enhanced pyrolysis of waste rubbers : thermogravimetric analysis of waste rubbers production of diesel-range hydrocarbonsStrydom, R ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Krassimir, P ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Isa, YM ; Adonis, Marco Leroy ; Gabriels, Y 
172013Effects of operating conditions on production of fuel range hydrocarbons from bioethanolIsa, YM ; Rabiu, Ademola M 
182013Dynamic simulation of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell: Stack performanceRabiu, Ademola M ; Nomnqa, MV ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, DIO 
192013Co-pyrolysis of coal and agricultural wasteAboyade, Akinwale ; Osibote, Otolorin Adelaja ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Carrier, Marion ; Gorgens, Johann 
202013Assessment of heavy metals and radionuclides in Cape Town municipal solid wastes managementOsibote, Otolorin Adelaja ; Rabiu, Ademola M ; Aboyade, Akinwale 

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