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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Analysis of readymade readers and near-inter-pupillary distance for presbyopic patients in optometric practice in Cape Town, South AfricaButler, Monet A ; Jowell, Michael E ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
22018Attitudes and perceptions of Sudanese high-school students and their parents towards spectacle wearAlrasheed, Saif H ; Naidoo, Kovin S. ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
32010Awareness of the phototoxic effects of sunlight among South African university studentsOduntan, O. A ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C ; Hansraj, R ; Carlson, A 
42013Benign intracranial hypertension diagnosed with bilateral papilloedemaPhillips, KC ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
52018Biomarkers as a predictor for diabetic retinopathy risk and management: a reviewPhillips, Kevin. C. ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Meyer, David. 
62018Building consensus for the development of child eye care services in South Darfur State in Sudan using the Delphi techniqueAlrasheed, Saif H ; Naidoo, Kovin S. ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C ; Binnawi, Kamal H. 
72018Emerging technologies in artificial ocular devices: a systematic reviewGamieldien, Razaan ; Stemmet, Lisa ; Javer, Jasmita ; Fortuin, Elrencia ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
82018Ethambutol toxic optic neuropathy: a case report and reviewPhillips, Kevin C. ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
92006An investigation into diabetic patients ’knowledge of diabetes and its ocular complications in the Western CapeClarke-Farr, Peter C ; Nel, M. M ; Wilkinson, A. C 
102012Knowledge of diabetes mellitus in privately- funded diabetic patients attending a rural opto- metric practice in Malmesbury, South AfricaPhillips, Kevin C. ; Mashige, K. P ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
112008Practitioners’ opinions on the presentation of ocu- lar pathology and ametropia in patients wearing ready-made reading spectaclesPhillips, Kevin C. ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C 
122009South African university student knowledge of eye protection against sunlightOduntan, O. A ; Carlson, A ; Clarke-Farr, Peter C ; Hansraj, R