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12007Comparing the effect of scientific and socio-scientific argumentation tasks: lessons from South AfricaBraund, Martin ; Lubben, Fred ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Hodges, Merle 
22013Critical episodes in student teachers’ science lessons using drama in Grades 6 and 7Braund, Martin ; Ekron, Christelle ; Moodley, Trevor 
32015Crossing the border: Science student teachers using role-play in grade 7Braund, Martin ; Moodley, Trevor ; Ekron, Christelle ; Ahmed, Zaiboenisha 
42015Drama and learning science: an empty space?Braund, Martin 
527-Jun-2018Drama as physical role-play: actions and outcomes for life science lessons in South Africa.Braund, Martin ; Ahmed, Zaiboenisha 
62010Gauging students’ untutored ability in argumentation about experimental data: A South African case studyLubben, Fred ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Scholtz, Zena ; Braund, Martin 
72011Learning to teach argumentation: Facilitated reflection on a pre-service curriculum in South AfricaBraund, Martin ; Hewson, Peter W ; Scholtz, Zena ; Sadeck, Melanie ; Koopman, Robert 
82015Play in Grade R classrooms: Diverse teacher perceptions and practicesAronstam, Shelley ; Braund, Martin 
92008South African teachers’ ability to argue: The emergence of inclusive argumentationScholtz, Zena ; Braund, Martin ; Hodges, Merle ; Koopman, Robert ; Lubben, Fred 
102016Strategies for the implementation of mathematics in Grade R: Teachers’ beliefs and practicesBarnard, Elna ; Braund, Martin 
112015Teacher educators’ professional journeys: pedagogical and systemic issues affecting role perceptionsBraund, Martin 

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Braund, Martin
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