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12010The Africanisation of South African retailing: A reviewDakora, Edward A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew J ; Slabbert, AD 
22011A comparative analysis of the Chinese and South African work ethicSlabbert, AD ; Ukpere, Wilfred I 
32007The correlation between current globalisation and human resourcesUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 
42008Division of labour as exploitative mechanism of workersUkpere, WI ; Slabbert, AD 
52011A framework for acquiring the resources vital for the start-up of a business in South Africa: an African Immigrant's PerspectiveRobertson, Tengeh ; Ballard, Harry Herbert ; Slabbert, AD 
62014The Impact of Employer-Employee Relationships on Business GrowthXesha, D ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Slabbert, AD ; Nduna, J 
72011Poverty as a transient reality in a globalised world: an economic choiceSlabbert, AD ; Ukpere, WI 
82008A relationship between current globalisation, unemployment, inequality and povertyUkpere, Wilfred I ; Slabbert, AD 
92008Rugby and football spectator propensity to violence : a comparative analysisSlabbert, AD 
102014Strategic Options for the Expansion of South African RetailBusinesseswithin Africa:Consequences on Operational ManagemenDakora, Edward. A.N ; Bytheway, Andrew ; Slabbert, AD 
112008Triumphant capitalism and the future of human, social and economic progress in the postā€Cold War eraUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 
12Jun-2009Utilising personality typology to resolve Subliminal conflict in the workplaceSlabbert, AD ; Kingma, L 

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Slabbert, AD
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