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12011Analysis of entropy generation and thermal stability in a long hollow cylinder with asymmetry convective coolingMakinde, Oluwole D ; Aziz, A 
22010Analysis of nonlinear dispersion of a pollutant ejected by an external source into a channel flowChinyoka, Tiri ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
32011Analysis of transient generalised Couette flow of a reactive variable viscosity third-grade liquid with asymmetric convective coolingChinyoka, Tiri ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
42011Boundary layer flow of a nanofluid past a stretching sheet with a convective boundary conditionMakinde, Oluwole D ; Aziz, A 
52010Buoyancy effects on thermal boundary layer over a vertical plate with a convective surface boundary conditionMakinde, Oluwole D ; Olanrewaju, P.O. 
62010Computational dynamics of unsteady flow of a variable viscosity reactive fluid in a porous pipeChinyoka, Tiri ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
72012The impact of innovative leadership on organisational culture within South African small and medium enterprises in the Western Cape, South AfricaMaladzhi, Rendani W ; Yan, Bingwen ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
82010MHD transient flows and heat transfer of dusty fluid in a channel with variable physical properties and Navier slip conditionMakinde, Oluwole D ; Chinyoka, Tiri 
92010Numerical investigation of transient heat transfer to hydromagnetic channel flow with radiative heat and convective coolingMakinde, Oluwole D ; Chinyoka, Tiri 
102011Numerical study of unsteady hydromagnetic generalised Couette flow of a reactive third-grade fluid with asymmetric convective coolingMakinde, Oluwole D ; Chinyoka, Tiri 
112010Transient analysis of pollutant dispersion in a cylindrical pipe with a nonlinear waste discharge concentrationMakinde, Oluwole D ; Chinyoka, Tiri 
122011Unsteady flow of a reactive variable viscosity non-Newtonian fluid through a porous saturated medium with asymmetric convective boundary conditionsMakinde, Oluwole D ; Chinyoka, Tiri ; Rundora, L 

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Makinde, Oluwole Daniel
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