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11996The cancer-promoting potential of fumonisin B1 in rat liver using diethylnitrosamine as a cancer initiatorGelderblom, WCA ; Snyman, SD ; Lebepe-Mazura, S ; van der Westhuizen,L ; Kriek, NPJ ; Marasas, WFO 
22005Do fumonisin mycotoxins occur in wheat?Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, PM ; Katerere, DR ; Marasas, WFO 
32005Do Fumonisin Mycotoxins Occur in Wheat?Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, PM ; Katerere, DR ; Marasas, WFO 
42007Exposure assessment for fumonisins in the former Transkei region of South AfricaShephard, GS ; Marasas, WFO ; Burger, HM ; Somdyala, NIM ; Rheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, P ; van Schalkwyk, DJ 
52003Fumonisin Contamination and Fusarium Incidence in Corn from Santa Catarina, Brazilvan der Westhuizen, L ; Shephard, GS ; Scussel, VM ; Costa, LLF ; Vismer, HF ; Rheeder, JP ; Marasas, WFO 
62005Fumonisin mycotoxins in traditional Xhosa maize beer in South Africa.Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, PM ; Somdyala, NIM ; Burger, HM ; Marasas, WFO 
72005Fumonisin production by Fusarium species isolated from freshly harvested corn in IranGhiasian, SA ; Rezayat, SM ; Kord-Bacheh, P ; Maghsood, AH ; Yazdanpanah, H ; Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Vismer, HF ; Marasas, WFO 
81995Mitoinhibitory effect of fumonisin B1 on rat hepatocytes in primary culture.Gelderblom, WCA ; Snyman, SD ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Marasas, WFO 
92003Mycoflora and Fumonisin Mycotoxins Associated with Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] SeedsKritzinger, Q ; Aveling, TAS ; Marasas, WFO ; Rheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Shephard, GS 
101995Reduction of patulin in apple juice samples — influence of initial processingSydenham, EW ; Vismer, HF ; Marasas, WFO ; Brown, N ; Schlechter, M ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Rheeder, JP 
111999Sphinganine/Sphingosine ratio in plasma and urine as a possible biomarker for fumonisin exposure in humans in rural areas of Africavan der Westhuizen, L ; Brown, NL ; Marasas, WFO ; Swanevelder, S ; Shephard, GS 
121991Toxicity and carcinogenicity of the fusanum monilzforine metabolite, fumonisin B1, in rats.Gelderblom, Wentzel ; Kriek, NPJ ; Marasas, WFO ; Thiel, PG 

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