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12012Analysis of some selected toxic metals in registered herbal products manufactured in NigeriaAdepoju-Bello, AA ; Issa, OA ; Oguntibeju, OO ; Ayoola, GA ; Adejumo, OO 
22010An assessment of adolescent satisfaction with reproductive primary healthcare services in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.Mayeye, FB ; Lewis, HA ; Oguntibeju, OO 
32016Diabetes mellitus: economic and health burden, treatment and the therapeutical effects of Hypoxis hemerrocallidea plantGoboza, M ; Aboua, Yapo Guillaume ; Meyer, S ; Oguntibeju, OO 
42011Effects of contraceptives on serum trace elements, calcium and phosphorus levelsAkinloye,O ; TO Adebayo, TO ; Oguntibeju, OO ; Oparinde, DP ; Ogunyemi,EO 
52012Effects of dietary intake of red palm oil on fatty acid composition and lipid profiles in male Wistar ratsAyeleso, AO ; Oguntibeju, OO ; Brooks, Nicole L 
62010The effects of pyrimethamine sulfadoxine and berenil on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in Trypanosoma brucei brucei and Trypanosoma brucei congolese infected ratsColeshowers,CL ; Oguntibeju, OO ; Etoh, QM ; Alebiosu, CO ; Truter, EJ 
72012Environmental and fungal contamination of palm oil sold in Anyigba Market, NigeriaEnemuor, SC ; Adegoke, SA ; Haruna, AO ; Oguntibeju, OO 
82010Factors associated with pregnancies among HIV-positive women in a prevention of mother-to-child transmission programmeBah`him, YM ; Oguntibeju, OO ; Lewis, HA ; Mokoena, K 
92011Physical exercise: Knowledge, attitudes and habits of literate women in Western NigeriaOdunaiya, NA ; Aderibigbe, AA ; Oguntibeju, OO 
102012Quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS and antiretroviral therapyOguntibeju, OO 

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Oguntibeju, O.O
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