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Subject:  Fusarium

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11989Ear-rot fungi and mycotoxins in South African corn of the 1989 crop exported to TaiwanRheeder, John P ; Marasas, WFO ; Thiel, PG ; Sydenham, Eric W ; Schlechter, Maria ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Stockenstr√∂m, Sonja ; Cronje, DW ; Viljoen, Jacques H 
21995Fate of a single dose of 14C-labelled fumonisin B1 in vervet monkeysShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Thiel, Peter G ; Sydenham, Eric W ; Savard, Marc E 
32005Fumonisin mycotoxins in traditional Xhosa maize beer in South Africa.Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, PM ; Somdyala, NIM ; Burger, HM ; Marasas, WFO 
42005Fumonisin production by Fusarium species isolated from freshly harvested corn in IranGhiasian, SA ; Rezayat, SM ; Kord-Bacheh, P ; Maghsood, AH ; Yazdanpanah, H ; Shephard, GS ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Vismer, HF ; Marasas, WFO 
52006Human dietary exposure to fumonisin B1 from Iranian maize harvested during 1998-2000Yazdanpanah, H ; Shephard, GS ; Marasas, WF ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Rahimian, H ; Safavi, SN ; Eskandari, P ; Ghiasian, SA 
62015Relative severity of fumonisin contamination of cereal crops in West AfricaVismer, HF ; Shephard, GS ; Rheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Bandyopadhyay, R 
72010Simple intervention method to reduce fumonisin exposure in a subsistence maize-farming community in South Africavan der Westhuizen, L ; Shephard, GS ; Rheeder, JP ; Burger, HM ; Gelderblom, WCA ; Wild, CP ; Gong, YY 
81999Sphinganine/Sphingosine ratio in plasma and urine as a possible biomarker for fumonisin exposure in humans in rural areas of Africavan der Westhuizen, L ; Brown, NL ; Marasas, WFO ; Swanevelder, S ; Shephard, GS 

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Shephard, Gordon Seymour
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