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12016Biologically based methods for control of fumonisin-producing fusarium species and reduction of the fumonisinsAlberts, JF ; van Zyl, WH ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
22014Development and evaluation of a sensitive Mycotoxin Risk Assessment Model (MYCORAM)Burger, Hester-Mari ; Lombard, Martani J ; Shephard, Gordon S ; Danster-Christians, Natasha ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
32014Dietary PUFA and cancerAbel, S ; Riedel, S ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
42016Differential modulation of the lipid metabolism as a model for cellular resistance to fumonisin B1–induced cytotoxic effects in vitroRiedel, S ; Abel, Stefan ; Burger, Hester-Mari ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Swanevelder, S ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
52015Induction of an altered lipid phenotype by two cancer promoting treatments in rat liverRiedel, S ; Abel, S ; Swanevelder, S ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
62018Modulation of key lipid raft constituents in primary rat hepatocytes by fumonisin B1 - Implications for cancer promotion in the liverBurger, HM ; Abel, S ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 
72018Modulation of pre-neoplastic biomarkers induced by sequential aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 exposure in F344 rats treated with UPSN clay.Xue, KS ; Qian, G ; Lin, S ; Su, J ; Tang, L ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA ; Riley, RT ; Phillips, TD ; Wang, JS 
82018The mutagenic and antimutagenic activity of Sutherlandia frutescens extracts and marker compoundsNtuli, Siyabulela SBN ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA ; Katerere, David R 
91994Phytotoxicity of fumonisins and TA-toxin to corn and tomatoLamprecht, SC ; Marasas, WFO ; Alberts, JF ; Cawood, ME ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA ; Shephard, GS ; Thiel, PG ; Calitz, FJ 
102015Short-term and sub-chronic dietary exposure to aspalathin-enriched green rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract affects rat liver function and antioxidant statusVan Der Merwe, JD ; De Beer, D ; Joubert, E ; Gelderblom, Wentzel CA 

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Gelderblom, Wentzel CA
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