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Author:  Shephard, Gordon Seymour

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11996Disruption of sphingolipid metabolism in non-human primates consuming diets of fumonisin-containing Fusarium moniliforme culture materialShephard, Gordon Seymour ; van der Westhuizen, Liana ; Thiel, P. G ; Gelderblom, Wentzel ; Marasas, W. F. O. ; Van Schalkwyk, D.J 
22001The effect of a single gavage dose of fumonisin B1 on the sphinganine and sphingosine levels in vervet monkeysvan der Westhuizen, Liana ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; van Schalkwyk, DJ 
32012Effect of the traditional cooking practice on fumonisin content of maize porridge consumed in the former Transkei region of South AfricaShephard, GS ; Rheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, L 
42013Fumonisin biomarkers in maize eaters and implications for human diseasevan der Westhuizen, L ; Shephard, GS ; Gelderblom, WCA ; Torres, O ; Riley, RT 
52016Fusarium species and fumonisins in subsistence maize in the former Transkei region, South Africa: a multi-year study in rural villagesRheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, Liana ; Imrie, G ; Shephard Gordon Seymour 
61998Inhibition of sphingolipid biosynthesis in rat primary hepatocyte cultures by fumonisin B1 and other structurally related compoundsvan der Westhuizen, Liana ; Shephard, GS ; Snyman, SD ; Abel, Stefan ; Swanevelder, S ; Gelderblom, Wentzel 
72013Multiple mycotoxin exposure determined by urinary biomarkers in rural subsistence farmers in the former Transkei, South AfricaShephard, GS ; Burger, HM ; Gambacorta, L ; Gong, YY ; Krska, R ; Rheeder, JP ; Solfrizzo, M ; Srey, C ; Sulyok, M ; Visconti, A ; Warth, B ; van der Westhuizen, L 
82015Relative severity of fumonisin contamination of cereal crops in West AfricaVismer, HF ; Shephard, GS ; Rheeder, JP ; van der Westhuizen, L ; Bandyopadhyay, R 

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van der Westhuizen, Liana
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