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12007Agronomic and economic potential of Tughutu and Minjingu phosphate rock as alternative phosphorus sources for bean growersNdakidemi, PA 
22007Biological, ecological and agronomic significance of plant phenolic compounds in rhizosphere of the symbiotic legumesMakoi, JHJR ; Ndakidemi, PA 
32009Conservation and propagation of endangered Proteaceae on the Agulhas Plain for sustainable ecotourism developmentLaubscher, Charles P ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Bayat, MS ; Slabbert, A 
42011Curtisia dentata: Ethnopharmacological applicationDoughari, James Hamuel ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Human, IS ; Benade, AJ Spinnler 
52011The ecology, biology and pathogenesis of acinetobacter spp.: An overviewDoughari, James Hamuel ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Human, IS ; Benade, AJ Spinnler 
626-Jun-2012The effect of pH on the growth of medicinal Helichrysum petiolare in a closed hydroponics systemLefever, K ; Laubscher, CP ; Ndakidemi, PA 
72009Effect of regulated irrigation water temperature on hydroponics production of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)Nxawe, S ; Laubscher, Charles P ; Ndakidemi, PA 
82011Effects of various media compositions on the in- vitro germination and discoloration of immature embryos of bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae)North, JJ ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Laubscher, Charles P 
92006Manipulating legume/cereal mixtures to optimize the above and below ground interactions in the traditional African cropping systemsNdakidemi, PA 
102017Paclobutrazol retards vegetative growth in hydroponically-cultured Leonotis leonurus (L.) R.Br. Lamiaceae for a multipurpose flowering potted plantTeto, AA ; Laubscher, Charles P ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Matimati, I 
112011The potential of developing an in-vitro method for propagating StrelitziaceaeNorth, JJ ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Laubscher, Charles P 
122009Rooting and growth potential of Leucadendroni laxum (Proteaceae) using different rooting mediums and indole acetic acid growth regulatorsLaubscher, CP ; Ndakidemi, PA 
132012Salinity Induced Changes in Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status as Affected by Applications of Silicon in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)Milne, CJ ; Laubscher, CP ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Marnewick, JL ; Rautenbach, F 
142009A survey of farm-level practices on endangered Leucadendron species and the future influence of ecotourism development on the Agulhas plainLaubscher, Charles P ; Ndakidemi, PA 
152011Virulence factors and antibiotic susceptibility among verotoxic non-O157: H7 Escherichia coli isolates obtained from water and wastewater samples in Cape TownDoughar, HJ ; Ndakidemi, PA ; Human, IS ; Benade, AJ Spinnler 
168-Jul-2012Water-holding capacity of different inert mediums in growing Lampranthus reptans for restoration of land degradation areasWall, K ; Laubscher, CP ; Ndakidemi, PA 
172006Yield and economic benefits of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) and soybean (Glycine max) inoculation in northern TanzaniaNdakidemi, PA ; Dakora, Felix. D ; Nkonya, EM ; Ringo, D ; Mansoor, H 
182007Yield components of nodulated cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and maize (Zea mays) plants grown with exogenous phosphorus in different cropping systemsNdakidemi, PA ; Dakora, Felix. D 

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Ndakidemi, PA
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