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12016Enhanced selectivity towards xylene isomers of a mixed ligand Ni(II) thiocyanato complexWicht, Merrill M ; Báthori, Nikoletta B ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R 
22011Inclusion of 1,4-bis(diphenylhydroxymethyl)benzene with amides: structure and selectivityJacobs, A ; Nassimbeni, LR ; Silwana, N ; Báthori, Nikoletta B ; Weber, E 
32014Melting point–solubility–structure correlations in multicomponent crystals containing fumaric or adipic acidBatisa, Eustina ; Ayamine, Alban ; Kilinkissa, Ornella EY ; Báthori, Nikoletta B 
42011Pharmaceutical co-crystals with isonicotinamide – vitamin B3, clofibric acid, and diclofenac – and two isonicotinamide hydratesBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Lemmerer, Andreas ; Gerhard A, Venter ; Susan A, Bourne ; Mino R, Caira 
52011Quininium mandelates—a systematic study of chiral discrimination in crystals of diastereomeric saltsBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R ; Oliver, Clive L 
62014Salts of the scissor-shaped racemic host 1,1′- binaphthyl-2,2′-dicarboxylic acid with amines: structure and thermal stabilityJacobs, A ; Báthori, Nikoletta B ; Kabwit, RY ; Weber, E 
72011Selectivity of amides by host-guest inclusionBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Luigi R, Nassimbeni 
82011Selectivity of amides by host-guest inclusionBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Nassimbeni, LR 
92016Solid-state isolation of a unique, small-molecule, supra-heterodimer of large hexameric assemblies of C-methylcalixij4]resorcinareneOliver, Clive L ; Báthori, Nikoletta B ; Jackson, Graham E ; Kuter, David ; Cruickshank, Dyanne L 
102016Testing the limits of synthon engineering: salts of salicylic and sulfosalicylic acid with nucleobases and derivativesde Vries, Elise JC ; Kantengwa, Sylvia ; Ayamine, Alban ; Báthori, Nikoletta B 
112016Werner clathrate formation with polyaromatic hydrocarbons: comparison of different crystallisation methodsWicht, Merrill M ; Su, Hong ; Báthori, Nikoletta B ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R 

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Báthori, Nikoletta B
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