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12016Application of ultrasound doppler technique for inline rheological characterization and flow visualization of concentrated suspensionsKotzé, Reinhardt ; Wiklund, Johan ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
22018Biological sand filter system treating winery effluent for effective reduction in organic load and pH neutralisationHoltmana, GA ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Welza, PJ 
32014Centrifugal pump derating for non-Newtonian slurriesKalombo, JJN ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Chhabra, Raj ; Fester, Veruscha G 
42016Characterisation of winery wastewater from continuous-flow settling basins and waste stabilisation ponds over the course of one year: implications for biological wastewater treatment and land applicationWelz, PJ ; Holtman, G ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize 
52012Determining the viscous behavior of non-Newtonian fluids in a flume using a laminar sheet flow model and Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP) systemHaldenwang, Rainer ; Kotzé, Reinhardt ; Chhabra, Raj 
62014The effect of different portland cements on initial hydration reaction of a self-compacting concrete cement pasteHaldenwang, Rainer ; Masalova, I ; Elmakki, R 
72016Effect of limestone on the cement paste hydration in the presence of polycarboxylate superplasticiserElmakki, R ; Masalova, I ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Malkin, A ; Mbasha, W 
82006Evolution of rheological properties of highly concentrated emulsions with aging — Emulsion-to-suspension transitionMasalova, Irina ; Malkin, Alexander Ya ; Ferg, Ernst ; Kharatiyan, Ellina ; Taylor, Michael ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
92010Experimental database for non-Newtonian flow in four channel shapesBurger, Johan ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Alderman, Neil 
102006Experimental procedure and database for non-Newtonian open channel flowHaldenwang, Rainer ; Slatter, P 
112010An experimental study of non-Newtonian fluid flow in rectangular flumes in laminar, transition and turbulent flow regimesHaldenwang, Rainer ; Slatter, P.T ; Chhabra, Raj 
122014A feasibility study of in-line rheological characterisation of a wastewater sludge using ultrasound technologyKotzé, R ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Rössle, W 
132015Flow Rate Measurement of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Sharp Crested NotchesKhahledi, Morakane ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Chhabra, Raj 
142010Friction factor-Reynolds number relationship for laminar flow of non-Newtonian fluids in open channels of different cross-sectional shapesBurger, Johan ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Alderman, Neil 
152011Highly concentrated emulsions: Role of droplet sizeYakhoub, HA ; Masalova, I ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
162015In-line rheological characterisation of wastewater sludges using non-invasive ultrasound sensor technologyKotze, R ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Rössle, W 
172018The influence of grain physicochemistry and biomass on hydraulic conductivity in sand-filled treatment wetlandsWelz, PJ ; Mbasha, W ; Smith, I ; Holtman, G ; Terblanche, D ; Le Roes-Hill, M ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
182014The influence of the rheological model used in pipe-flow prediction techniques for homogeneous non-Newtonian fluidsvan den Heever, EM ; Sutherland, APN ; Haldenwang, Rainer 
192017The influence of variation in cement characteristics on workability and strength of SCC with fly ash and slag additionsAlmuwbber, Omar ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Mbasha, Willy ; Masalova, Irina 
202015An integrated in-line fluid characterization system for industrial applicationsWiklund, Johan ; Kotze, Reinhardt ; Birkhofer, Beat ; Ricci, Stefano ; Meacci, Valentino ; Standing, Mats ; Haldenwang, Rainer 

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