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12013Biodegradation of free cyanide using Bacillus sp. consortium dominated by Bacillus safensis, lichenformis and tequilensis strains: A bioprocess supported solely with wheyMekuto, L ; Jackson, VA ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
22016Free cyanide and thiocyanate biodegradation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa STK 03 capable of heterotrophic nitrification under alkaline conditionsMekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Kena, M ; Golela, MT ; Amodu, Olusola Solomon 
32016An integrated biological approach for treatment of cyanidation wastewaterMekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Akcil, A 
42016Isolation of high-salinity-tolerant bacterial strains, Enterobacter sp., Serratia sp., Yersinia sp., for nitrification and aerobic denitrification under cyanogenic conditionsMpongwana, M ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mekuto, L ; Akinpelu, Enoch Akinbiyi ; Dyantyi, SA ; Mpentshu, Y 
52017Kinetic modelling and optimisation of antimicrobial compound production by candida pyralidae KU736785 for control of candida guilliermondiiMewa-Ngongang, M ; du Plessis, HW ; Hutchinson, UF ; Mekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
62018Microbial communities associated with the co-metabolism of free cyanide and thiocyanate under alkaline conditionsMekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mudumbi, JBN 
72017Recent developments in polyfluoroalkyl compounds research: A focus on human/environmental health impact, suggested substitutes and removal strategiesMudumbi, JBN ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Matsha, T ; Mekuto, L ; Itoba-Tombo, EF 
82018The role of pollutants in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) and their prospective impact on phytomedicinal treatment strategiesMudumbi, JBN ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mekuto, L ; Matsha, T ; Itoba-Tombo, EF 

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Mekuto, L
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