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12016Application of aspergillus awamori grown on citrus peel supplemented growth medium for cyanide bioremediationDoughari, James Hamuel ; Santos, BAQ ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
22016Biodegradation Kinetics of Free Cyanide in Fusarium oxysporum-Beta vulgaris Waste-metal (As, Cu, Fe, Pb, Zn) Cultures under Alkaline ConditionsAkinpelu, Enoch Akinbiyi ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mpongwana, Ncumisa ; Nchu, Felix ; Ojumu, Tunde 
32013Biodegradation of free cyanide using Bacillus sp. consortium dominated by Bacillus safensis, lichenformis and tequilensis strains: A bioprocess supported solely with wheyMekuto, L ; Jackson, VA ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
42016Bioremediating silty soil contaminated by phenanthrene, pyrene, benz(a)anthracene, benzo(a)pyrene using Bacillus sp. and Pseudomonas sp.: Biosurfactant/Beta vulgaris agrowaste effectsAmodu, Olusola Solomon ; Ojumu, Tunde ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
52014Concentrations of perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate in sediment of Western Cape Rivers, South AfricaMudumbi, John Baptist Nzukizi ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Muganza, Munyololo ; Rand, Andrew ; Onkokwo, Okwechukwu Jonathan 
62016A decade’s (2014–2024) perspective on cassava’s (Manihot esculenta Crantz) contribution to the global hydrogen cyanide load in the environmentItoba-Tombo, Elie Fereche ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Bell, Jonathan James Andrew ; Mudumbi, John Baptist Nzukizi ; Golela, Tolbert Mhlangabezi 
72014Emulsification of hydrocabons by biosurfactant: exclusive use of agrowwasteAmodu, Olusola Solomon ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Ojumu, Tunde 
82016Free cyanide and thiocyanate biodegradation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa STK 03 capable of heterotrophic nitrification under alkaline conditionsMekuto, Lukhanyo ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Kena, Margaret ; Golela, Mhlangabezi Tolbert ; Amodu, Olusola Solomon 
92010Influence of perfluorocarbons on phanerochaete chrysosporium biomass development, substrate consumption and enzyme productionNtwampe, Seteno KO ; Williams, CC ; Sheldon, MS 
102016An integrated biological approach for treatment of cyanidation wastewaterMekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Akcil, A 
112008An investigation of biphasic growth kinetics for Phanerochaete chrysosporium ( BKMF-1767) immobilised in a membrane gradostat reactor using flow-cellsSheldon, Marshall S ; Mohammed, K ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
122008An investigation of biphasic growth kinetics for Phanerochaete chrysosporium (BKMF-1767) immobilised in a membrane gradostat reactor using flow-cellsSheldon, MS ; Mohammed, K ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
132016Isolation of high-salinity-tolerant bacterial strains, Enterobacter sp., Serratia sp., Yersinia sp., for nitrification and aerobic denitrification under cyanogenic conditionsMpongwana, M ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mekuto, L ; Akinpelu, Enoch Akinbiyi ; Dyantyi, SA ; Mpentshu, Y 
142016Kinetic modeling of cell growth, substrate utilization, and biosurfactant production from solid agrowaste (Beta vulgaris) by Bacillus licheniformis STK 01Amodu, Olusola Solomon ; Ojumu, TV ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
152017Kinetic modelling and optimisation of antimicrobial compound production by candida pyralidae KU736785 for control of candida guilliermondiiMewa-Ngongang, M ; du Plessis, HW ; Hutchinson, UF ; Mekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO 
162008Limitations of membrane gradostat bioreactor designed for enzyme production from biofilms of Phanerochaete chrysosporiumNtwampe, Seteno KO ; Sheldon, MS ; Volschenk, H 
172012Lithium 7 Isotope (Li) desorption from a degraded amberlite IRN 217 lithiated mixed-bed ion-exchange resinBasitere, Moses ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Sheldon, MS 
182007The membrane gradostat reactor: Secondary metabolite production, bioremediation and commercial potentialNtwampe, Seteno KO ; Sheldon, MS ; Volschenk, H 
192018Microbial communities associated with the co-metabolism of free cyanide and thiocyanate under alkaline conditionsMekuto, L ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Mudumbi, JBN 
202013Novel dual stage membrane bioreactor for the continuous remediation of electroplating wastewaterSantos, BAQ ; Ntwampe, Seteno KO ; Muchatibaya, G 

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