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12017Challenges of academic healthcare leaders in a higher education context in South AfricaJooste, Karien ; Frantz, Jose ; Waggie, Firdouza 
22017Community leaders’ perspectives on facilitators and inhibitors of health promotion among the youth in rural South AfricaAziatoa, Lydia ; Majee, Wilson ; Jooste, Karien ; Teti, Michelle 
31993Die verpleegkundige as preseptor in personeelontwikkeling in opleidingshospitale in NamibieJooste, Karien ; Nel, C.M 
42013The experiences of private somatology therapists on their self-management in a private practiceRichter, Karien ; Jooste, Karien 
52019Experiences of undergraduate nursing students on an authentic mobile learning enactment at a higher education institution in South AfricaWillemse, J.J. ; Jooste, K. ; Bozalek, V. 
62018The Graying of Rural America: Community Engagement and Health Promotion ChallengesMajee, Wilson ; Aziatoa, Lydia ; Jooste, Karien ; Adaobi Anakwe, 
72018Mindfulness in nursing students: The five facet mindfulness questionnaire in samples of nursing students in China, the Philippines, and South AfricaArthur, David ; Dizon, Doroteo ; Jooste, Karien ; Li, Zheng ; Salvador, Mathew ; Yao, Xiuyu 
82017The motivational needs of primary health care nurses to acquire power as leaders in a mine clinic settingJooste, Karien ; Hamani, Mida 
92017Scars of disengagement: perspectives on community leadership and youth engagement in rural South Africa.Majee, Wilson ; Jooste, K. ; Aziatoa, Lydia ; Anakwe, A. 
102017Self-leadership traits of academics to conform to a changing higher-education environmentJooste, K ; Frantz, Jose 
112013Sportmen’s experiences at a somatology clinic receiving a sport messageJooste, Karien ; Khumalo, Valencia ; Maritz, Jeanette 
122018Support of students by academics in a nursing foundation programme at a university in the Western CapeDaniels, Annelize D ; Jooste, Karien 

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