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12016Analyzing Work-integrated Learning assessment practices through the lens of autonomy principlesGarraway, James ; Reddy, Lalini 
22009Co-operative task design and delivery: moving staff and studentsGarraway, James ; Jacobs, Cecilia 
32006Creating productive interactions between work and the academyGarraway, James 
42006Editorial: Higher education and workWinberg, C ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Garraway, James ; Jacobs, C ; Volbrecht, T 
52017Future-orientated approaches to curriculum development: fictive scriptingGarraway, James 
62014Futures studies and scenarios of degrees in universities of technologyGarraway, James ; Hugo, C ; De Waal, Benjamin 
72015‘I take engineering with me': epistemological transitions across an engineering curriculumWinberg, Christine ; Winberg, Simon ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Garraway, James ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
82006Integrating generic skills into teaching. ParadigmsApril, L ; Garraway, James 
92016‘It takes a village’ : attaining teaching excellence in a challenging contextWinberg, C ; Garraway, James 
102014Learning at sites of practiceGarraway, James ; de Villiers Morkel, J 
112011Professional development through formative evaluationNsibande, R ; Garraway, James 
122011Theorising experiential learningGarraway, James ; Volbrecht, T 
132011Transfer of knowledge between university and workGarraway, James ; Volbrecht, Terence ; Wicht, Merrill ; Ximba, Bhekumusa J 
142016Understanding gaps between student and staff perceptions of university study in South Africa: A case studyJaffer, Faeeqa ; Garraway, James 
152017Writing retreats as third spacesGarraway, James 

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Garraway, James
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