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12016The ABSA Cape epic mountain bike challenge: Impacts and legaciesSteyn, JN ; Spencer, John Peter ; Gonzalez, R ; Swart, Kamilla 
22013Are sustainable tourism policies and strategies working in Tanzania?Spencer, John Peter ; Steyn, JN 
32014An audit of public funded tourism projects in the Eastern Cape province of South AfricaSteyn, JN ; Spencer, John Peter ; Pebane, MA 
42016The aviation industry in South Africa: A historical overviewMhlanga, Oswald ; Steyn, JN 
52018Critical factors influencing visitor attendance at a literary arts festival in StellenboschCarse, Chrismaré ; Venski, Esti ; Steyn, JN 
62017Good bye Air Zimbabwe….Hello Zimbabwe Airways: Will re-branding solve Air Zimbabwe’s financial woes?Mhlanga, Oswald ; Steyn, JN ; Spencer, John Peter 
72016The impact of International air transport agreements on airline operations in Southern AfricaSteyn, JN ; Mhlanga, Oswald 
82017Impacts of the macro environment on airline operations in Southern AfricaMhlanga, Oswald ; Steyn, JN 
92016Local natural and cultural heritage assets and community based tourism: Challenges and opportunitiesJugmohan, S ; Spencer, John Peter ; Steyn, JN 
102017Logistical management of iconic sporting eventsSpencer, John Peter ; Steyn, JN 
112016Tourism driven gentrification in the Bo-Kaap versus cultural heritage objectivesSteyn, JN ; Spencer, John Peter 
122016Towards a model for cultural heritage tourism development in District Six, Cape Town, South AfricaSteyn, JN ; Spencer, John Peter ; Jessa, S 

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Steyn, JN
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