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12014All stories bring hope because stories bring awareness’: students’ perceptions of digital storytelling for social justice educationGachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet M ; Ivala, EN ; Chigona, Agnes 
22016Being human today: A digital storytelling pedagogy for transcontinental border crossingStewart, Kristian ; Gachago, Daniela 
32016Diffracting socially just pedagogies through stained glassBozalek, Vivienne ; Bayat, A ; Motala, S ; Mitchell, V ; Gachago, Daniela 
42011Engagement levels in a graphic design clicker class: Students’ perceptions around attention, participation and peer learningGachago, Daniela ; Morris, Amanda ; Simon, Edwine 
52017The ethics of listening to build community in the commonsGachago, Daniela 
62016The performativity of digital stories in contexts of systemic inequalityGachago, Daniela 
72016Technology enhanced teaching and learning in South African higher education – A rearview of a 20 year journeyNg'ambi, Dick ; Brown, Cheryl ; Bozalek, Vivienne ; Gachago, Daniela ; Wood, Denise 
82014Towards the development of digital storytelling practices for use in resource-poor environments, across disciplines and with students from diverse backgroundsGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Barnes, Veronica ; Gill, P ; Felix-Minnaar, J ; Morkel, J ; Vajat, N 
928-Nov-2012Towards the development of models for digital storytelling across the disciplines: Activating students’ social and cultural capitalGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Barnes, Veronica ; Gill, P ; Felix-Minnaar, J 

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Gachago, Daniela
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