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12010BBBEE ownerships issues in Cape Peninsula-based advertising agencies: a multiple case study approachDuffett, Rodney 
22009Black Economic Empowerment progress in the advertising industry in Cape Town: Challenges and benefitsDuffett, Rodney ; Van der Heever, IC ; Bell, D 
32017Consumer perceptions toward sugar content of fruit juice products in a developing countryDuffett, Rodney 
42017Consumption patterns and demographic factors influence on fruit juice classifications, health benefits and sugar content perceptions in two Municipal Districts in Cape Town, Western Cape, South AfricaDuffett, Rodney 
52015Effect of Gen Y affective attitudes towards Facebook marketing communications in South AfricaDuffett, Rodney 
62016Effect of instant messaging advertising on the hierarchy-of-effects model amid teenagers in South Africa.Duffett, Rodney 
72011Employment equity issues in the Cape Town advertising industry: A black economic empowerment perspectiveDuffett, Rodney 
82015Facebook advertising’s influence on intention-to-purchase and purchase amongst MillennialsDuffett, Rodney 
92015The influence of Facebook advertising on cognitive attitudes amid Generation YDuffett, Rodney 
102017Influence of Facebook Commercial Communications on Generation Z’s Attitudes in South AfricaDuffett, Rodney 
112015The influence of Mxit advertising on purchase intentions and purchase amid Generation YDuffett, Rodney 
122017Influence of social media marketing communications on young consumers’ attitudesDuffett, Rodney 
132016Mxit advertising’s influence on cognitive attitudes amongst Millennials in the Western CapeDuffett, Rodney 
142015Mxit marketing communications’ influence on liking and preference among Gen YDuffett, Rodney 
152017Shopping list development and use of advertisements’ pre-store food-buying practices within different socio-economic status areas in South AfricaDuffett, Rodney ; Foster, Crystal 
162016Social media marketing communications effects on attitudes among millennials in South AfricaDuffett, Rodney ; Wakeham, Myles 

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Duffett, Rodney
Duffett, Rodney Graeme
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