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12009Competition between lactate oxidisers and fermenters under biosulphidogenic conditions: implications in the biological treatment of AMDOyekola, OO ; Van Hille, R ; Harrison, Susan TL 
22012Effect of culture conditions on the competitive interaction between lactate oxidizers and fermenters in a biological sulfate reduction systemOyekola, OO ; Harrison, Susan TL ; van Hille, RP 
32007Effect of sulphate concentration on the community structure and activity of sulphate reducing bacteriaOyekola, OO ; Van Hille, R ; Harrison, Susan TL 
42005Integrating LabVIEW capabilities for monitoring and supervisory control with a B-Braun Biotech Gmbh unit for fermentation processing and direct controlMkondweni, N ; Tzoneva, Raynitchka ; Harrison, Susan TL 
529-Mar-2015Investigating the effect of acid stress on selected mesophilic micro-organisms implicated in bioleachingNgoma, Emmanuel ; Ojumu, Tunde ; Harrison, Susan TL 
62010Kinetic analysis of biological sulphate reduction using lactate as carbon source and electron donor: Effect of sulphate concentrationOyekola, OO ; van Hille, RP ; Harrison, Susan TL 
72009Study of anaerobic lactate metabolism under biosulphidogenic conditionsOyekola, OO ; Van Hille, RP ; Harrison, Susan TL 
82010A systematic approach to sulphidic waste rock and tailings management to minimise acid rock drainage formationHarrison, Susan TL ; Broadhurst, JL ; van Hille, R ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun ; Bryan, C ; Hesketh, A ; Opitz, A 

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Harrison, STL
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