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12014Advances in gluten-free bread technologyNgemakwe, Patrick Hermaan Nitcheu ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Jideani, Victoria A 
230-Nov-2012Africa’s food security: The way forwardJideani, Victoria A 
32012Alignment of assessment objectives with instructional objectives using revised bloom's taxonomy—The case for food science and technology educationJideani, Victoria A ; Jideani, IA 
42-Aug-2012Developing extruded products: adding value to African underutilized legumes and cerealJideani, Victoria A 
52019Development of a low-fat, highfibre snack: effect of bran particle sizes and processing conditionsOnipe, Oluwatoyin Oladayo ; Beswa, Daniso ; Jideani, Victoria A ; Jideani, Afam Israel Obiefuna 
62016Dietary fiber extraction for human nutrition—A reviewMaphosa, Yvonne ; Jideani, Victoria A 
75-Aug-2012Effect of chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) root pulp addition on the functional properties of white breadDiedericks, Claudine F ; Mshimcileli, N ; Jideani, Victoria A 
82013Effect of process variables on the hydration properties and acceptability of extruded millet-soybean blends for fura manufactureFilli, KB ; Nkama, I ; Jideani, Victoria A ; Ibok, IU 
92014Emulsion stability and steady shear characteristics of concentrated oil-in-water emulsion stabilized by gelatinized bambara groundnut flourAdeyi, Oladayo ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, D ; Jideani, Victoria A 
102019Extraction, gelation and microstructure of Bambara groundnut vicilinsDiedericks, Claudine F ; De Koning, Linda ; Jideani, Victoria A ; Venema, Paul ; Van der Linden, Erik 
117-Nov-2012Food technology and packaging design: Taking African food culture into the global spaceJideani, Victoria A 
122012Hydrothermal characteristics of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) flour during cooking into ‘fura’Jideani, Victoria A ; Scott, D.J. 
132010Influence of of extrusion variables on some functional properties of extruded millet-soybean for the manufacture of ‘fura’: A Nigerian traditional foodFilli, K. B ; Nkama, I ; Abubakar, U. M ; Jideani, Victoria A 
142002Instrumental and sensory textural properties of FuraJideani, Victoria A 
152010A model for education and promoting food science and technology among high school students and the publicJideani, Victoria A ; Jideani, IA 
1630-Nov-2012Modification of non-wheat flours using transglutaminase and cyclodextrinaseNitcheu Ngemakwe, PH ; Jideani, Victoria A 
172018Nutritional, biochemical and sensory properties of instant beverage powder made from two different varieties of pearl milletObilana, Anthony O ; Odhav, Barthi ; Jideani, Victoria A 
1826-Jun-2012Optimisation of lactic acid bacterial growth for the production of Bambara groundnut probiotic beverageMurevanhema, Yvonne Y ; Jideani, Victoria A 
192010Optimization of Fura production using response surface methodologyJideani, Victoria A ; Oloruntoba, R. H ; Jideani, IA 
202015Optimization of microwave drying conditions of two banana varieties using response surface methodologyOmolola, Adewale O ; Jideani, Afam Israel Obiefuna ; Kapila, Patrick F ; Jideani, Victoria A 

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Jideani, Victoria A
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