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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014All stories bring hope because stories bring awareness’: students’ perceptions of digital storytelling for social justice educationGachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet M ; Ivala, EN ; Chigona, Agnes 
22014Digital storytelling and reflection in higher education: A case study of pre-service student teachers and their lecturers’ at a University of TechnologyIvala, EN ; Gachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet M ; Chigona, Agnes 
32013Enhancing student engagement with their studies: A digital storytelling approachIvala, EN ; Gachago, Daniela ; Condy, Janet M ; Chigona, Agnes 
42011Globalisation: The role of new information and communication technologies in distance educationIvala, EN 
52013Journeys across differences: Pre-service teacher education students perceptions of pedagogy of discomfort in a digital storytelling module in South AfricaGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Condy, Janet M ; Chigona, Agnes 
62015Mitigating the mathematical knowledge gap between high school and first year university chemical engineering mathematics courseBasitere, Moses ; Ivala, EN 
72012Pre-service students’ perceptions and experiences of digital storytelling in diverse classroomsCondy, Janet M ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN 
82014Towards the development of digital storytelling practices for use in resource-poor environments, across disciplines and with students from diverse backgroundsGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Barnes, Veronica ; Gill, P ; Felix-Minnaar, J ; Morkel, J ; Vajat, N 
928-Nov-2012Towards the development of models for digital storytelling across the disciplines: Activating students’ social and cultural capitalGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN ; Barnes, Veronica ; Gill, P ; Felix-Minnaar, J 
102014Using digital counterstories as multimodal pedagogy among south African pre-service student educators to produce stories of resistanceGachago, Daniela ; Cronje, Franci ; Ivala, Eunice ; Condy, Janet M ; Chigona, Agnes 

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