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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2005Application of best practice towards improving web site visibility to search engines: a pilot studyChambers, Rickard ; Weideman, Melius 
22013Comparative analysis of homepage website visibility and academic ranking for UK universitiesWeideman, Melius 
32004The effect of search engine keyword choice and demographic features on internet searching successWeideman, Melius ; Uys, Cornelia Susanna 
4Sep-2004Empirical evaluation of one of the relationships between the user, search engines, metadata and Web sites in three-letter .com WebsitesWeideman, Melius 
5Jul-2010Empirical Study on Crawler Visibility of PDF Documents in Digital LibrariesWeideman, Melius 
62011An empirical study on website usability elements and how they affect search engine optimisationVisser, Eugene B ; Weideman, Melius 
72004Ethical issues on content distribution to digital consumers via paid placement as opposed to website visibility in search engine resultsWeideman, Melius 
82005FOIOTI: an implementation of the conceptualist approach to internet information retrievalWeideman, Melius 
92014Fusing website usability and search engine optimisationVisser, Eugene B ; Weideman, Melius 
102006ICT Research Forum (2): Project IV 2005Weideman, Melius ; Kritzinger, W ; Visser, E (eds) 
112006ICT Research Forum: Project IV, (3)Groenewald, DC ; Kritzinger, WT ; Weideman, Melius 
122006The influence that JavaScriptTM has on the visibility of a website to search engines – a pilot study.Weideman, Melius ; Schwenke, F 
132008Internet Searching and other Research Challenges: Publish or Perish?Weideman, Melius 
142008Internet Searching and other Research Challenges: Publish or Perish?Weideman, Melius 
152013Investigation of the process of learning touch-screen mobile applicationsTokárová, Lucia ; Weideman, Melius 
162003IT-related gender issues: A literature review and initial local investigationBytheway, Andy. J ; Speelman, T ; Weideman, Melius ; Tunzelana, S 
17Mar-2007Key word placing in Web page body text to increase visibility to search enginesKritzinger, WT ; Weideman, Melius 
182013Keyword stuffing and the big three search enginesZuze, Herbert ; Weideman, Melius 
192009Measuring the ubiquity characteristics of mobile access channels – Africa and the United KingdomSchwenke, F ; Weideman, Melius ; Janse van Rensburg, J 
20Jul-2003Search Engine Information Retrieval: Empirical research on the usage of the Meta Tags to enhance Web Site Visibility and Ranking of e-Commerce Web SitesKritzinger, WT ; Weideman, Melius 

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Weideman, Melius
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Prof. Melius Weideman was born in 1956 in Tarkastad, and matriculated at the Robertson High School. He is currently a Head of Department in the Faculty of Informatics and Design, and runs the Research Development Department. On 1 November 2008 he completed 24 years of unbroken service at CPUT. Prof. Melius Weideman is the founder and leader of WARC - the Website Attributes Research Centre at CPUT in Cape Town. His research interests were initially focussed on computer viruses, but after 1994 the Internet, and specifically search engines started fascinating him. He graduated with a Doctorate in Information Science from the University of Cape Town in 2001, and numerous of his publications have seen the light since then on topics including website visibility, website usability, search engines, Internet marketing and information retrieval. Melius has a strong international presence, and has delivered many international guest lectures and plenaries over the years. He has been invited by various European universities as Guest Professor, presenting sessions ranging from short lectures to semester courses (5 European credits). During 2007 he was chosen from 40 international applicants to become the first Fellow at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. In mid-2008 he spent three months teaching at this university. Campus02, in Graz, Austria invited him to do two workshop series on Internet Marketing through Websites in 2008. He also spent 3 months at MUNI in Brno, Czech Republic, (2012/2013) on an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. He was appointed as an Associate Professor in 2004, and a full Professor at CPUT in 2008, and is an NRF rated researcher. He also actively manages two websites: and Melius lives in Protea Valley near Cape Town, enjoys spending time with his family and for recreation cycles, reads and is an avid amateur photographer. He has completed 22 (consecutive) Argus Cycle Tours, four Double Centuries and 1.5 ABSA Cape Epic tours.
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