Writing to Learn action research project


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Autoethnography and critical reflection as pedagogical practice in the ECP classroomBernard, Taryn (Stellenbosch University) 
22018Building a community of practice in an extended curriculum: the intervention programmeAbrahams, Amaal (University of Cape Town) ; Badenhorst, Elmi (University of Cape Town) ; Ige, Busayo (University of Cape Town) 
32018Constructing the ECP lecturer as care giver and receiver through an analysis of student reflective essaysSamson, Sean. (University of Cape Town) ; Arend, Moeain (University of Cape Town) ; Hunma, Aditi (University of Cape Town) ; Hutchings, Catherine (University of Cape Town) ; Nomdo, Gideon (University of Cape Town) 
42018Dealing with anxieties associated with quantitative literacy learning in extended curriculum classroomsWinter, Mark (University of Johannesburg) 
52018An ending and a beginning: reflecting on reading the case studies on teaching in extended programmes [Conclusion]Naidoo, Kibbie (University of Johannesburg) ; Thesen, Lucia (University of Cape Town) 
62018Introduction: Shifting attention onto the lecturer and their teaching in extended programmesColeman, Lynn 
72018Narratives of disruption: exploring the identities of Design teachersHugo, Cheri ; Morris, Amanda 
82018Protecting the learning space: reflective insights on the role of academic administration in extended programmes in the sciencesRaitt, Gwen (University of the Western Cape) 
92018Releasing hope: transforming the lecturer role in an extended commerce courseGeorge, Rodrique ((University of the Western Cape) 
102018Shifting the power boundaries in a physics classTaylor, Dale (University of Cape Town) 
112018'Teaching differently takes a lot of planning’: shifting discourses of writing in a communication classroomAlexander, Megan 

Project title
Writing to Learn action research project