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2013An Analysis of Reasons for Staff Turnover amongst the Paramedics in South AfricaIwu, Chux Gervase
2014Business Relationships as a Driver of Success for Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in South AfricaXesha, Dumisani; Iwu, Chux Gervase; Slabbert, Andre
2013Citizens’ quality of life: The outcome of a satisfied health-related professionalIwu, Chux Gervase
2016Democracy and majority rule in South Africa: Implications for good governanceUmezurike, Samuel; Iwu, Chux Gervase
2013Factors Inhibiting Effective Management of Primary Schools in Nigeria: The Case of Ebonyi StateIwu, Chux Gervase; Iwu, Ita Chimezie
2014Job motivation, job performance and gender relations in the broadcast sector in NigeriaUfuophu-Biri, Emmanuel; Iwu, Chux Gervase, South Africa – a case studyIwu, Chux Gervase
2011Leadership effectiveness, truth commissions and democratisation in AfricaIwu, Chux Gervase; Adeola, Gbadamosi T
2012Revisiting incentives and job satisfaction of Nigerian bank employeesIwu, Chux Gervase; Ukpere, Wilfred
2014Social entrepreneurs and community development. A literature analysisMalunga, Portia; Iwu, Chux Gervase; Mugobo, Virimai Victor
2014Social media as a correlate of prostitution among students of higher institutions of learning in Delta State, NigeriaIwu, Chux Gervase; Ufuophu-Biri, Emmanuel
2011Used bookstore as a vehicle for improved learning and development: The case of a South Africans Tertiary InstitutionIwu, Chux Gervase; Xesha, Dumisani
2013Whistle-blown into nothingness: The Boeing storyIwu, Chux Gervase