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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Blood group antigens C, Lub and P1 may have a role in HIV infection in AfricansMotswaledi, M. S. ; Kasvosve, I. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. 
2013Can lifestyle factors of diabetes mellitus patients affect their fertility?Abuoa, G. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. ; du Plessis, S. S. 
2009Immune response and possible causes of CD4 + T-cell depletion in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 infectionOguntibeju, O. O. ; Van den Heever, W. M. J. ; Van Schalkwyk, F. E. 
2008Knowledge and attitudes of students in a Caribbean medical school towards HIV/AIDSOrisatoki, O. R. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. 
2013Physical activity in the management of diabetes mellitusOdunaiya, N. A. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. 
2004The potential effect of a nutritional supplement on the health status of HIV-positive / AIDS patientsOguntibeju, O. O. ; Van den Heever, W. M. J. ; Van Schalkwyk, F. E. 
2014Potential role of Parkia biglobosa in the management and treatment of cardiovascular diseasesAlinde, O. B. L. ; Esterhuyse, A. J. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. 
2004The relationship between vitamin A and HIV infectionOguntibeju, O. O. ; Van Schalkwyk, F. E. ; Van den Heever, W. M. J. 
2006Relationships between the malaria parasite density and children anaemia : brief communicationOni, G. A. ; Oguntibeju, O. O. 
2013The role of fruit and vegetable consumption in human health and disease preventionOguntibeju, O. O. ; Truter, E. J. ; Esterhuyse, A. J. 
2013The role of nutrition in the management of diabetes mellitusOlabiyi, F. A. ; Oguntibeju, O. O.