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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Maintaining educational standards in the face of innovation via national accreditation authorityLloyd, Philip JD 
2005Methane release from South African coal minesLloyd, Philip JD ; Cook, Alan 
2016Monday mirthiness the alchemy of climate changeLloyd, Philip JD 
2015Nuclear power is essential for national progressKemm, KR ; Kenny, AR ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Louw, LM ; Prinsloo, DA ; Serfontein, DE 
2013Opportunities for low-carbon energy technologies for electricity generation to 2050Beck, V ; Evans, R ; Behrendt, F ; Raj, B ; Oh, M ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Loughhead, J ; Savitz, M 
2014A pilot test of ethanol gel as a paraffin replacement in a low-income urban environmentLloyd, Philip JD 
2016The possible rate of transition to lower-carbon housingLloyd, Philip JD 
2000The potential of coal wastes in South AfricaLloyd, Philip JD 
2001The potential of LP gas for household energy in South AfricaLloyd, Philip JD 
1967Production of high purity uranium at a South African gold mineFaure, A ; Finney, S ; Hart, HP ; Jordaan, CL ; Van Heerden, D ; Viljoen, EB ; Robinson, RE ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
1975Real-time particle size analysis in wet closed-circuit millingHinde, AL ; Lloyd, Philip JD 
May-2013Reassessment of the environmental impacts of sulphur oxide emissions from power stationsLloyd, Philip JD 
2012The renewable energy adventure and a transition to a low-carbon South AfricaLloyd, Philip JD 
2012Restructuring South Africa’s electricity supply industryLloyd, Philip JD 
2017The role of energy in developmentLloyd, Philip JD 
2008Safe paraffin appliances and their contribution to demand side managementLloyd, Philip JD ; Truran, G 
2002The safety of paraffin and LPG appliances for domestic useLloyd, Philip JD 
1962Solvent extraction in the South African uranium industryLloyd, Philip JD 
2007The testing of gel fuels, and their comparison to alternative cooking fuelsLloyd, Philip JD ; Visagie, E.F 
2013To frack or not to frack – that is the questionLloyd, Philip JD