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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Paradoxes of social inclusion reflected in a digital story-telling projectCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, Eunice 
2016Philosophical enquiry as a pedagogical tool to implement the CAPS curriculum: Final year pre-service teachers’ perceptionsGreen, Lena ; Condy, Janet 
2012Pre-service students’ perceptions and experiences of digital storytelling in diverse classroomsCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, Eunice 
2016Pre-Service Teachers’ Acquisition of Technology Skills in a Digital Storytelling ProjectTunjera, Nyarai ; Tiba, Chantyclaire ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
2016Re-examining factors influencing teachers’ adoption and use of technology as a pedagogical toolTiba, Chantyclaire ; Condy, Janet ; Tunjera, Nyarai 
2015Social inclusion and exclusion revealed in a digital storytelling projectCondy, Janet 
2013Stories of resistance: Digital counterstories among South African pre-service student educatorsGachago, Daniela ; Ivala, Eunice ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Cronje, Franci 
2015Teaching of writing in two rural multigrade classes in the Western CapeBlease, Bernita ; Condy, Janet 
2011Telling digital stories: final-year pre-service student teachers’ perceptions of diversity in the classroom in south africaCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, Eunice 
2014Thinking teachers : how teachers continue to develop as thinkers.Green, Lena ; Condy, Janet 
2014Using digital counterstories as multimodal pedagogy among south African pre-service student educators to produce stories of resistanceGachago, Daniela ; Cronje, Franci ; Ivala, Eunice ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
7-Nov-2019Using digital stories to explore four final-year students' colliding worldviews and how this impacted their classroom pedagogyCondy, Janet ; Phillips, Heather N. ; Tiba, Chantyclaire 
2011Using digital stories to explore issues of diversity in a pre-service teacher’s classroomCondy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes ; Gachago, Daniela ; Ivala, EN 
2018Using technology to enhance pedagogies in rural geography primary classroom in the twenty-first centuryFelix, Alan ; Condy, Janet ; Chigona, Agnes 
2014What challenges do foundation phase teachers experience when teaching writing in rural multigrade classes?Blease, Bernita ; Condy, Janet