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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009On MHD boundary‐layer flow and mass transfer past a vertical plate in a porous medium with constant heat fluxMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2011On MHD convection with Soret and Dufour effects past a vertical plate embedded in a porous mediumMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2010On MHD heat and mass transfer over a moving vertical plate with a convective surface boundary conditionMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009On non-pertubative approach to transmission dynamics of infectious diseases with waning immunityMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2010On solutions of nonlinear heat diffusion model for thermal energy storage problemMakinde, Oluwole Daniel ; Moitsheki, J. 
2009On steady MHD flow and heat transfer past a rotating disk in a porous medium with ohmic heating and viscous dissipationSibanda, P ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009On the Chebyshev collocation spectral approach to stability of fluid flow in a porous mediumMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009On thermal stability of a reactive third-grade fluid in a channel with convective cooling the wallsMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2011Radiation effect on chemically reacting magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) boundary layer flow of heat and mass transfer through a porous vertical flat plateIbrahim, SY ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
2011Radiative heat transfer to blood flow through a stenotic artery in the presence of magnetic fieldPrakash, J ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009Second law analysis for a variable viscosity plane Poiseuille flow with asymmetric convective coolingMakinde, Oluwole Daniel ; Aziz, A 
2011Second law analysis for variable viscosity hydromagnetic boundary layer flow with thermal radiation and Newtonian heatingMakinde, Oluwole D 
2011Similarity solution for natural convection from a moving vertical plate with internal heat generation and a convective boundary conditionMakinde, Oluwole D 
2011Symmetry reductions and computational dynamics of a nonlinear reaction-diffusion problem with variable thermal conductivityMakinde, Oluwole D ; Moitsheki, RJ 
2009Symmetry reductions and solutions for pollutant diffusion in a cylindrical systemMoitsheki, Raseelo J. ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009Thermal criticality for a reactive gravity driven thin film flow of a third-grade fluid with adiabatic free surface down an inclined planeMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2013Thermal effect of nanofluids flow over a stretching sheet with magnetic fieldMutuku-Njane, WN ; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2009Thermal stability of a reactive viscous flow through a porous-saturated channel with convective boundary conditionsMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2010Thermodynamic second law analysis for a gravity-driven variable viscosity liquid film along an inclined heated plate with convective coolingMakinde, Oluwole Daniel 
2010Transient analysis of pollutant dispersion in a cylindrical pipe with a nonlinear waste discharge concentrationMakinde, Oluwole Daniel ; Chinyoka, Tiri