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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Design and development of an infrared heater for plastic waste gasificationHaruon, ZEM ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2016Design and simulation of solar cell system under different environmental conditionsMoussavou, Anges Akim Aminou ; Adonis, Marco Leroy ; Raji, Atanda 
2017The development of a remotely controlled home automation system for energy savingMukendi, KH ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2013Enhanced pyrolysis of waste rubbers : thermogravimetric analysis of waste rubbers production of diesel-range hydrocarbonsStrydom, R ; Rabiu, AM ; Krassimir, P ; Lloyd, Philip JD ; Isa, YM ; Adonis, Marco Leroy ; Gabriels, Y 
2009Evaluation of a hybrid dryer for the production of apple chipsAdonis, Marco Leroy ; Kahn, Mohamed TE 
2017The impact of energy storage on the stability of renewable energy in a micro gridDu Plooy, H ; Adonis, Marco Leroy ; Raji, Atanda 
2013Learning embedded programming using the Arduino microcontroller for aquaculture environmental monitoringAminou Moussavou, Anges Akim ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2013MPPT algorithm via VHDL programming for a CubeSatCupido, SWJ ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2009Multiconverter controller design for an infrared heater gridAdonis, Marco Leroy ; Kahn, Mohamed TE 
2014A PV power supply module for a portable Cubesat satellite ground stationMwanyasi, GM ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2016A radiation test on a front-end DC-DC power converterBayimissa, KDM ; Raji, Atanda ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
2009Real-time simulator for a hybrid convective-fir fruit dryerAdonis, Marco Leroy ; Mantsho, David 
2008Software-based energy management system for an infrared dryerAdonis, Marco Leroy ; Khan, MTE. 
2007Temperature management strategies for a 9kw hybrid FIR-convective fruit dryerAdonis, Marco Leroy ; Kahn, M.T.E.