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2008Challenging paradigms : why warm up prior to exercise?Strout, D ; Davies, Simeon 
2017Community perceptions of a CSR programme: a case study of a professional football clubDavies, Simeon ; Moyo, Talent 
2010A comparison of the physiological consequences of head-loading and back-loading for African and European womenLloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Partridge, T ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2015Corporate social responsibility and organisational performance of a professional football club in South AfricaMoyo, Talent ; Joubert, Etienne ; Davies, Simeon 
2006The energetics of walking on sand and grass at various speedsMacKinnon, Scott Netson ; Davies, Simeon 
2010The Extra Load Index as a method for comparing the relative economy of load carriage systemsLloyd, Ray ; Hind, Karen ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2010Health care corporations: Moral obligations and research bioethicsDavies, Simeon 
2011A kinetic comparison of back-loading and head-loading in Xhosa womenDavies, Simeon ; Lloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2008Locomotor training as part of a rehabilitation programme for patients with spinal cord injury: a case studyParr, Bridget M ; Gamieldien, Raeeq ; Davies, Simeon 
2010No 'free ride' for African women: A comparison of head-loading versus back-loading among Xhosa womenLloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2013Online sport marketing: The case of a South African longboarding companyCox, Sanet ; Davies, Simeon 
2015Perceived exertion and metabolic cost during progressive and randomized walking protocolsDavies, Simeon 
2008Physical performance characteristics of South African male and female emergency care studentsDavies, Simeon ; Naidoo, Navindhra ; Parr, Bridget M 
2010A pilot investigation of load-carrying on the head and bone mineral density in premenopausal, black African womenLloyd, Ray ; Hind, Karen ; Micklesfield, Lisa K ; Carroll, Sean T ; Truscott, John G ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2015Profiling volunteer tourists for the benefit of host organisations: The case of a seabird rehabilitation centre in the Western Cape, South AfricaOlivier, Carole ; Davies, Simeon ; Joubert, Etienne 
2013Profit making and moral obligations in an economically disparate world: The challenges facing health care corporationsDavies, Simeon 
2010Subjective perceptions of load carriage on the head and back in Xhosa womenLloyd, Ray ; Parr, Bridget M ; Davies, Simeon ; Cooke, Carlton Brian 
2013Upper limb strength expression during work simulated tasks in a cohort of black African malesDavies, Simeon ; Goba, N 
2016A utilitarian perspective of volunteer tourism in AfricaDavies, Simeon ; Olivier, Carole 
Sep-2006Work-related upper limb disorders: implications for sport managers?Davies, S.E.H.