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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accumulation and risk assessment of metals in palm oil cultivated on contaminated oil palm plantation soilsOlafisoyea, O.B ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Oguntibeju, O.O ; Osibote, O.A. 
2020An alternative health crop for South Africa: purple potato mini tuber production as affected by water and nutrient stressWitbooi, H. ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Oguntibeju, O.O 
2014Amelioration of lipopolysaccharide-induced liver (Aspalathus linearis) extract via inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stressAjuwon, Olawale Razaq ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 
2014Amelioration of lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injury by aqueous rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) extract via inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stressAjuwon, Olawale Razaq ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 
2008An analysis of dietary micronutrient intakes in two age groups of black South African womenHattingh, Z. ; Walsh, C.M. ; Bester, C.J. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2012Analysis of selected metallic impurities in soft drinks marketed in Lagos, NigeriaAdepoju-Bello, A.A ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Onuegba, M.T. ; Ayoola, G.A ; Coker, H. A. B 
2012Analysis of some selected toxic metals in registered herbal products manufactured in NigeriaAdepoju-Bello, A.A ; Issa, O.A ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Ayoola, G.A ; Adejumo, OO 
2005An analysis of the baseline dietary intake of HIV-positive/AIDS patientsOguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Van den Heever, W.M.J. ; Van Schalkwyk, F. E. 
2013Analytical approaches to the investigation of heavy and trace elements in soils on oil palm plantations in South-western NigeriaOlafisoye, Oladunni B ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Fatoki, Olalekan S ; Osibote, Otolorin Adelaja 
2008Anthropometric and biochemical profiles of black South African womenHattingh, Z. ; Walsh, C.M. ; Veldman, F. J. ; Bester, C.J. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2014Anti-diabetic effects of Nigerian indigenous plant foods/dietsUdenta, E. A. ; Obizoba, I. C. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2014The antidiabetic activities of the aqueous leaf extract of Phyllanthus Amarus in some laboratory animalsAdepapo, A. A. ; Ofuegbe, S. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2014Antidiabetic botanicals and their potential benefits in the management of diabetes mellitusAkimoladun, A. C. ; Farombi, Ebenezer Olatunde ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2016Antidiabetic effects of resveratrol: the way forward in Its clinical utilityOyenihi, Omolola R. ; Oyenihi, Ayodeji B. ; Adeyanju, Anne A ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2011Antioxidant activities of Parquetina nigrescensAyoola, AO ; Akinloye, Oluyemi ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Oke, JM ; Odetola, AA 
2014Antioxidant-rich natural products and Diabetes mellitusOyenihi, Ayodeji Babatunde ; Brooks, Nicole L ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Aboua, Yapo Guillaume 
2010An assessment of adolescent satisfaction with reproductive primary healthcare services in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.Mayeye, FB ; Lewis, HA ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2009Assessment of antigravity and postural control in healthy children in Ibadan, NigeriaOdunaiya, Nse A. ; Oladeji, O.M. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2007Assessment of knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS among inmates of Quthing prison, LesothoAkeke, V.A. ; Mokgatle, M. ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi 
2013Assessment of lipid profile, antioxidant status and liver histopathology in male Wistar rats following dietary intake of rooibos (Aspalathus linearis)Ayeleso, Ademola Olabode ; Oguntibeju, Oluwafemi Omoniyi ; Brooks, Nicole L