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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Report on enzymes and metabolites (cellulases and oxidases selected for incorporation, the reaction system components and metabolites to be monitored)Burton, Stephanie Gail ; Khan, N ; Pletschke, BI 
2011Report on kinetic analysis for cellulases, current information on synergiesPletschke, BI ; Waithaka, C ; Van Dyk, JS ; Gama, R ; Burton, Stephanie Gail 
2011Seasonal shifts of the microbial community structure in a winery waste-impact wetland soilRohr, LM ; Mashaphu, N ; Sheridan, C ; Tuffin, M ; Burton, Stephanie Gail ; Cowan, Donald A 
2014Selection of Clostridium spp. in biological sand filters neutralizing synthetic acid mine drainageRamond, JB ; Welz, PJ ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Tuffin, MI ; Burton, Stephanie Gail ; Cowan, Donald A 
2011Site-directed mutagenesis of a thermostable nitrile hydratase: In search of an ideal biocatalystGriffiths, P ; Horne, KA ; Mawadza, C ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Cowan, Donald A ; Burton, Stephanie Gail 
2011The temporal response of soil microbiota to sunflower oilBooysen, C ; Welz, P ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Burton, Stephanie Gail 
2011Treatment of high ethanol concentration wastewater by constructed wetlands: enhanced COD removal and bacterial community dynamicsRodriguez Caballaro, A ; Ramond, JB ; Welz, PJ ; Cowan, Donald A ; Odlare, M ; Burton, Stephanie Gail 
2011The use of ultraviolet radiation as an oxidative stress model to test the efficacy of antioxidants in human skin cellsParker, A ; Davids, Lester M ; Burton, Stephanie Gail ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize 
2011Widespread occurrence of actinobacterial laccasesLe Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Khan, N ; Palmer, Z ; Prins, A ; Sirim, D ; Pleiss, J ; Burton, Stephanie Gail