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2012Daunorubicin therapy is associated with upregulation of E3 ubiquitin ligases in the heartSishi, Balindiwe J. N ; Bester, Dirk ; Wergeland, Anita ; Loos, Benjamin ; Jonassen, Anne K. ; Van Rooyen, Jacques ; Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart 
2007Dietary anti-oxidant rich oil protect against ischaemia/ reperfusion injury by activation of PKB/Akt and p38 MAPKVan Rooyen, Jacques ; Esterhuyse, Johan ; Du Toit, Eugene F. ; Lochner, Amanda ; Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart 
2011Dietary red palm oil protects the heart against the cytotoxic effects of anthracyclineWergeland, A ; Bester, Dirk J ; Sishi, BJM ; Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Jonassen, AK ; Van Rooyen, Jacques 
2007Dietary red palm oil reduces ischaemia–reperfusion injury in rats fed a hypercholesterolaemic dietKruger, Maritza J. ; Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Esterhuyse, Johan ; Du Toit, Eugene F. ; Van Rooyen, Jacques 
2009The effect of dietary red palm oil on the functional recovery of the ischaemic/reperfused isolated rat heart: the involvement of the PI3-Kinase signaling pathwayEngelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Odendaal, Louise ; Du Toit, Eugene F. ; Kupai, Kristina ; Csont, Tamás ; Ferdinandy, Peter ; Van Rooyen, Jacques 
2008Health benefits of a natural carotenoid rich oil: a proposed mechanism of protection against ischaemia/ reperfusion injuryVan Rooyen, Jacques ; Esterhuyse, Adriaan J ; Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Du Toit, Eugene F. 
2006p38-MAPK and PKB/Akt, possible role players in red palm oil-induced protection of the isolated perfused rat heart?Engelbrecht, Anna-Mart ; Esterhuyse, Johan S ; Du Toit, Eugene F. ; Lochner, Amanda ; Van Rooyen, Jacques