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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Appraising the trend of policy on poverty alleviation programmes in Nigeria with emphasis on a National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP)Ugoh, Samuel. C ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
Jun-2009The balance of gravity between rationalism, technological innovations and the supreme mandate in the genesis of globalisationUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2013Brain drain and African development: Any possible gain from the drain?Benedict, SOH ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2011A comparative analysis of the Chinese and South African work ethicSlabbert, AD ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2007The correlation between current globalisation and human resourcesUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 
2009Demise of a single orthodoxy and renaissance of positive socialist variantsUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Demise of a single orthodoxy and the possibility of a cooperative economyUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Design of a secure unified e-payment system in Nigeria: A case studyAyo, Charles K ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Developing a retention strategy for qualified staff at the Polytechnic of NamibiaNaris, N Sylvia ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2009The distinctive logic of globalisation: implications for global marketsUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2007Distinctiveness of Globalisation and its Implications for Labour Markets: An Analysis of Economic History from 1990-2007Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2008Division of labour as exploitative mechanism of workersUkpere, Wilfred Isioma ; Slabbert, AD 
2011The economic and logistic benefits of online business registration for Congolese immigrants in Cape TownMomo, Alain Michael ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2009The effectiveness of an HR code: staff development and training at the Polytechnic of NamibiaNaris, N Sylvia ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2014Financial performance measures and business objectives attainment in fast food SMMEs in the Cape metropolis: a preliminary liability and suitability analysis.Ngary, Clency ; Smit, Yolande ; Bruwer, Juan-PierrĂ© ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2011Is country branding a panacea or poison?Mugobo, Virimai Victor ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Labour exploitation and division of labour: a metaanalysis of divergent ideological perspectivesUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2009Mechanisms to ameliorate negative impacts of globalisation on human resources, industrial democracy and humanityUkpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Mentoring programmes for academic staff at the Polytechnic of NamibiaNaris, N Sylvia ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma 
2010Oil politics and the Niger Delta developmental conundrumUgoh, Samuel C. ; Ukpere, Wilfred Isioma