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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Centrifugal pump derating for non-Newtonian slurriesKalombo, JJN ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Chhabra, Raj ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2017Charge transfer between biogenic jarosite derived Fe3 + and TiO2 enhances visible light photocatalytic activity of TiO2Chowdhury, Mahabubur ; Shoko, Sipiwe ; Cummings, Fransciuos ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Ojumu, Tunde 
2013Development of a symmetrical converging-diverging tube (C-D tube) flow meter for non-Newtonian fluidsFester, Veruscha G ; Ilunga, LM 
2011Development of an experimental diaphragm valve used for velocity profiling of such devicesHumphreys, P ; Erfort, E ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Chhiba, M ; Kotzé, R ; Philander, O ; Sam, M 
2009Dynamic similarity for non-Newtonian fluids in globe valvesFester, Veruscha G ; Slatter, P T 
2014Effect of fly ash size fraction on the potential to neutralise acid mine drainage and rheological properties of sludgeVadapalli, VR ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Petrik, LF ; Slatter, PT 
2013Effect of temperature and concentration of oxidising agent on the synthesis duration of TiO2 from titanium isopropoxideLind, J ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2009Evaluating resistance coefficients of straight-through diaphragm control valvesMbiya, B.M. ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Slatter, P.T. 
2014A feasibility study of in-line rheological characterisation of a wastewater sludge using ultrasound technologyKotzé, R ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Rössle, W 
2013A functional relation between solvent surface tension and particle growth rateChowdhury, Mahabubur ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Kale, G 
2014Growth kinetics evaluation of hydrothermally synthesized β-FeOOH nanorodsFester, Veruscha G ; Kale, G 
2014Growth kinetics evaluation of hydrothermally synthesized β-FeOOH nanorodsChowdhury, Mahabubur ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Kale, G 
2015In-line rheological characterisation of wastewater sludges using non-invasive ultrasound sensor technologyKotze, R ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Rössle, W 
2011Measurement and analysis of flow behaviour in complex geometries using the Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP) techniqueKotzé, R ; Wiklund, J ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2012Modeling pressure losses for Newtonian and non-Newtonian laminar and turbulent flow in long square edged orificesChowdhury, Mahabubur ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2013Nanophotocatalyst TiO2 for textile effluent treatmentNyangiwe, NN ; Baatjie, B ; Greyling, Corinne. J ; Lind, J ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2012Pressure losses and limiting Reynolds number for non-Newtonian fluids in short square-edged orifice platesNtamba-Ntamba, BM ; Fester, Veruscha G 
2012Resistance coefficients for non-Newtonian flows in pipe fittingsFester, Veruscha G ; Slatter, Paul ; Alderman, Neil 
2012Sludge pipe flow pressure drop prediction using composite power-law friction factor-Reynolds number correlations based on different non-Newtonian Reynolds numbersHaldenwang, Rainer ; Sutherland, APN ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Holm, R ; Chhabra, Raj 
2017Transitional flow of non-Newtonian fluids in open channels of different cross-sectional shapesKabwe, Christine ; Haldenwang, Rainer ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Chhabra, Raj