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2011An approach of quality management in the small business environment of South AfricaYan, Bingwen ; zhang, L 
2010An approach to new product development management in SMEsYan, Bingwen 
2014Effect of Inspirational and Motivational Leadership on Creativity and Innovation in SMEsMaladzhi, Rendani W ; Yan, Bingwen 
2018Entrepreneurial orientation and intention: impact of entrepreneurial ecosystem factorsOlutuase, Samuel O ; Brijlal, Pradeep ; Yan, Bingwen ; Ologundudu, Elizabeth 
2009Evaluating employee responses to the lean enterprise system at a manufacturing company in Cape TownYan, Bingwen ; Jacobs, K 
2011Impact of continuous improvement on new product development within SMEs in the Western Cape, South AfricaYan, Bingwen ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
2012The impact of innovative leadership on organisational culture within South African small and medium enterprises in the Western Cape, South AfricaMaladzhi, Rendani W ; Yan, Bingwen ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
2010Measuring after-sales service quality in automobile retails: an application of the SERVQUAL instrumentsYan, Bingwen ; McLaren, P.A 
2009Modeling the long term impact of existing products on perceived value of new productsYan, Bingwen ; Makinde, Oluwole D 
20-Feb-2018Operations management 1Yan,Bingwen 
2018When does motivation to learn reduce innovative behavior? An examination of mediated-moderation modelYu, Ming-Chuan ; Zheng, Xiao-Tao ; Wang, Greg G ; Dai, Yi ; Yan, Bingwen