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2017Ant colony induced decision trees for intrusion detectionBotes, FH ; Leenen, L ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2017Ant tree miner amyntas: automatic, cost-based feature selection for intrusion detectionBotes, FH ; Leenen, L ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2012At-home 2.0 – an educational framework for home-based healthcarevan Zyl, Izak ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2008Best data administration practices for data migration: a literature study in the healthcare industryFakier, Muhammad Naasih ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2015Co-Design for Development: Lessons Learnt from an Information Systems Project in Underserved CommunitiesDe la Harpe, Aretha ; Korpela, M ; Van Zyl, I 
2009Data stakeholders interacting with patient dataDe la Harpe, Aretha 
2009Decision making in the context of business intelligence and data qualityMarshall, L. ; De la Harpe, Aretha 
2014The level of participation during the development of a mobile application for home-based healthcare data in a developing context: An actor-network theory perspectiveDe la Harpe, Aretha 
2006Medical practitioners’ interactions with their communities: a Nambian perspectiveShivute, MI ; De la Harpe, Aretha ; Maumbe, B 
2012Prioritising University-Community engagement in North-South research partnershipsDe la Harpe, Aretha ; van Zyl, Izak 
2013Socio-technical approach to community health: designing and developing a mobile care data application for home-based healthcare, in South AfricaDe la Harpe, Aretha ; Lotriet, Hugo ; Pottas, Dalenca ; Korpela, Mikko