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2008Alternatives in evaluating multimedia in secondary school science teachingCronje, Johannes C ; Fouche, Johann 
2015Attributes contributing to students' use of quality software development practicesNel, Guillaume ; Nel, Liezel ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2007Computers in schools: implementing for sustainability. Why the truth is rarely pure and never simpleThomas, H. ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2017A continuum of teachers’ e-Learning practicesSadeck, Osman ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2014Design milieux for learning environments in African contextsDuveskog, M ; Sutinen, E ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2012Design research and research design – bringing the two together.Cronje, Johannes C ; Oberholze, Ilze 
2008E-learning: a nutrition and HIV/Aids information toolSteyn, Leonie ; Cronje, Johannes C ; Bothma, Theo J.D. 
2013Exploring information and communication theory in graphic design education with activity theoryAppiah, Edward ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2016The Future of Our Field – A STEEP PerspectiveCronje, Johannes C 
2016Governance of information technology in a complex economyPrince, C ; de la Harpe, Andre ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2015How good librarians have made themselves obsolete to some usersCronje, Johannes C 
2009Information society needs of managers in a large governmental organisationBroos, Elizabeth ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2015IT alignment Intelligence: The role of emotional intelligence in business and IT alignmentVan Blerk, WE ; De la Harpe, AC ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2015IT alignment Intelligence: The role of emotional intelligence in business and IT alignmentvan Blerk, Eben ; De la Harpe, Andre ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2016Paradigms revisited: a quantitative investigation into a model to integrate objectivism and constructivism in instructional designElander, Kelly ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2009Qualitative assessment across language barriers: an action research studyCronje, Johannes C 
2008Randomised Items in computer-based tests: Russian roulette in assessment?Marks, Anthony M. ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2009Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classesNagel, L. ; Blignaut, Seugnet ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2011The surprising truth about how metaphor motivates e-learnersNagel, Lynette ; Blignaut, Seugnet ; Cronje, Johannes C 
2011Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions to interpret cross-cultural blended teaching and learningCronje, Johannes C